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  1. I've just sent the file through - also, a reinstall hasn't worked I've tried that today as well. Alfie
  2. I've tried this and it still isn't working - do I need to set any environment variables? If so what would these be? Alfie
  3. Hi, No I'm not - not as far as I am aware. I have an altair_lic.dat file in the security folder within C:\Program Files\Altair\13.0\security folder.
  4. Hi All, Recently as a partnership with Altair, I have been given the full HyperWorks suite as sponsorship. All works with the license etc. etc. however when I try to open either Inspire or Virtual Wind Tunnel, the software freezes and doesn't open. My system specs are Windows 7 64-bit, Intel core i5 and 8GB RAM. Thanks, Alfie Payne
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