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  1. Dear Acusolve support team,


    I am working on a problem of MCCB and I have received the losses information from flux user. As I am trying to perform a co-simulation , I faced the issue for the transformation. I tried using shift option in the transformation but entire mesh models do not transform.






  2. Dear Altair Support Team,


    This is a very new problem I am facing in acusolve and have hardly seen it over the years.


    My entire Altair 2019 software suites are starting fine except Acuconsole. It opens up but do not shows the GUI instead a black screen appears. All other tools associated with Acuconsole like probe, cmdprompt,fieldview, job launcher are opening up and working. 


    I have updated my graphics card, installed all the versions 17,18 and 19 but the problem remains same. 


    Please help.




  3. Dear Altair Support Team,


    I am facing a surface mesh issue with Hypermesh version 19 (with hotfixes installed).

    With the same mesh size on the same geometry my node and mesh count is less on new version while mesh and number of nodes are more on the earlier (2017.3) version. I have taken the same geometry. Is it some settings I need to fix or any other issue. 


    I have to currently rely on earlier version as I got a better mesh with it.


    Thank you in advance.



  4. Hi,


    Is it possible to predict blade failure in a mixer grinder using acusolve or nanofluidx  at 1700 RPM when water is churned in a conical jar which is around 1 liter water and 0.5 liter air closed at top. 


    Thank you.




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