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  1. Hello Prakash I am using Elastic model hence plastic deformation is not the problem, I just checked the contact energy, it has some energy which is the drop in energy. Total Energy = sum of internal energy + kinetic energy + external force work - Contact energy - hourglass energy - internal spring energy ? Is my understanding is correct ?
  2. PFA the files. 8447.16_new_0000.rad 8447.16_new_0001.rad 8447.16_new_0002.rad 8447.16_new_0003.rad 8447.16_newT01 8447.16_newT02 8447.16_newT03
  3. Hi George I have solved the problem, The problem was in GAPmin which was taking a default value because of which it was not coming into contact. Now i have a new problem which is drop in energy when the ball contacts with ground. ( My ground and Ball are flexible) Do you know why such thing happens ?
  4. Test_Multilinear_0000.rad Test_Multilinear_0001.rad
  5. Hello George I have tried using M2_PLAS JOHNS ZERIL and i have same problem. can you send me the your model from the picture Thankyou
  6. ok I will launch using elasto plastic material and update you. But i am wondering how will that effect the physics of my problem. The ball should touch the other part and it should bounce back.
  7. Starter and Engine Files. Test_0000.rad Test_0001.rad
  8. I am trying to perform a simple drop test of ball on ground. (Both being Flexible and of same material (Steel)). The initial gap between ball and ground is 5mm. but when i see the animation file, the ball bounces after ~4.72mm. can some one please help me. steel_ball.avi
  9. Hello Prakash and George, I have explored Hypercrash a little more and discovered that centrifugal force is given in LOAD_VELOCITY_FIELD under Loadcase. Thankyou for your Time Hari Venkata Santhosh Bhatta Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Hello all I am trying to create radioss file with the help of hypercrash preprocessing tool. I am not able to apply centrifugal force using the GUI. /LOAD/CENTRI/ can someone please help. Thankyou Hari Venkata Santhosh Bhatta
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