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  1. I copy the response sheet from the excel based on tutorials HS-2000 in hyperstudy13, but a warning occurred , it displayed : wrong offset! Clipboard to wide (horizontal) to fit into the table. how do I solve it?
  2.  how to set radial offset value about beam element in suface? I ask this question in the forumn , but no one answer



  3. did you solve this question about radius offset ? I also meet this question, if you had solved, please tell me, thank you very much
  4. I don't know how to constrcut beam element in the curved surface, and then miragate the beam from surface , make the surface node and beam node connectively.
  5. now I am doing optimization based on radioss analysis by student version, but I can't find the example file51 in the demo/radioss..., can you send me the file, thank you very much. secondly, I want to do non-linear buckling optimization, but the example 38 just show the radioss analysis, I want to know whether the hyperworks can do non-linear buckling optimization? thank you very much!
  6. hello,
    I want to try example 51 about optimization based on radioss analysis, but I can't find the example file in the  */tutorials/demos/ ..  can you send me the example 51 file(Example 51 - Optimization in RADIOSS for B-Pillar) ? thank you very much. 
    secondly, I want to do non-linear buckling optimization ,but the example 38 just introduce the radioss analysis, can you show me how to do ?

    no example 51.png

  7. HELLO,
    I use the student version,please send me the example 51(

    Example 51 - Optimization in RADIOSS for B-Pillar

    ), thank you very much.

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