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    HI Rahul,


    Requesting your help to solve this problem. I am attaching an example here for a clear picture of what I am trying to do. 


    Thanks in advance. Spring-Animation.jpg

  2. HI all, I am an ABAQUS user and a newbie to Optistruct. I am simulating a simple spring compression simulation and have a few queries. 1) What is the element type to be assigned for the 2D - rigid plate to be used ? 2) In ABAQUS, no material property definition is needed for rigid. Is it the same in Optistruct ? 3) For the spring, I have used CPENTA for penta6 and CHEXA for hex8 elements. Is it correct ? 4) What is the equivalent to R3D4 of ABAQUS in Optistruct? Thanks in advance for your help.
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