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  1. Dear Amine !! You can only save the rad files to HF file. There is no need to convert it. Please download the rad files and recreate the process. To look at the results, just run the Rad files in Radioss solver. regards san
  2. Quad elements are better than Trias. However springback can fail due to multiple reasons. Need not be due to tria elements. More info is needed for better understanding. Share the complete error message.
  3. The Auto position tool positions the tools with ref with the datum (usually the blank). If due to improper naming of tools they are not detected and positioned the mating part option under individual tools can be used to select the right mating tools. It also helps in defining the right tool travel distance.
  4. Currently we only support Radioss/LS-Dyna. For Abaqus use HM-Abaqus user profile.
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