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  1. Hi, Im trying to do a freebody diagram in a set of elements and nodes. In the force diagram I only need the moments (Mx , My and Mz), but this is fine, because the HM have the option to generate only moments. But in the displacements diagram I can't choose which DOF's are export to the node set. I only need the 1, 2 and 3 DOF's.... The only option that i see are create the 6 DOF's How can I solve this? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, Im trying to do a global - local analysis with free-body diagram. But everytime i try to read the .op2 file the program gives a error running. The educational version have the FBD included? Thank you, Daniel Andrade
  3. Hi all, im doing the CFD-1300: Plane 2D Meshing with BL tutorial. But even following the tutorial this error appears (attached image) How can i solve that? Thanks
  4. Hi all, im trying to do a CFD Wind Tunnel Model to export to Ansys Fluent. But when i import the airfoil geometry from Solidworks, the splines are simplificated to line segments. (attached image) How can i avoid this? Thank you!
  5. Hi, Im running a shape optization and the results from the original model and the FE reanalysis (OSSmoth) are different. Someone knows what im doing wrong? (p1 is the OSSmoth model with applied .grid file and p2 is the result of subcase 1 in the last interation) (the shapes are different - last picture) (underformed results in all pictures) best regards, Daniel Andrade
  6. Hi Prakash, I can model the beam in 2D, but i was thinking to do a parametric optmization, variating the distance of the beams in a truss. Only size optimization supports this in 1D elements, right? If I use 2D elements, i will use a topology optmization to find the stress path and make a equivalent truss with tubes. After that i will make a size optimization to change the tickness and diameters to find the better configuration. I think in both ideas the result is gonna be satisfatory, but the second one is more simple. Thank you for your attention, Daniel Andrade
  7. Hi, im working with carbon unidirectional tubes and i thinking to use these composites tubes as a beam ( 1D Element), but 1D elements only supports MAT1. I can use the equivalent matrices of the composite sheel tube (2D) to simulate a 1D Beam? Someone can indicate tutorials or topics that talks about this approach, how can i use the equivalent matrices...? I'm reading this PDF, but i don't know yet how exactly apply this in Hypermesh. (http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs/18866.pdf) Best regards, Daniel Andrade
  8. Hi, I'm modeling a RC wing and i need to glue (Araldite epoxy) some parts. I'm using 1D -> area -> adhesive (Gap), which generates RBE3 elements (http://imgur.com/ds13Iva) In some components I used seam -> adhesives (hexa) to glue edges. There are better methods to glue components? *update* I forgot to say that the connectors aren't gluing the parts... Using Weld works fine! (I guess the problem is the perpendicular surfaces) *update 2* Thank you Tinh. The Hexa (adhesive) worked! The problem was the perpendicular faces, in this case the correct connector is Seam. I assigned the resin properties to hexa elements, as you mentioned. Best regards, Daniel Andrade
  9. Raul, thank you. I make some tutorials and help me a lot. Prakash, thank you for your disposal. My model worked now, but if some problem appears, i talk with you! Best regards, Daniel Andrade
  10. Hi everybody, I'm a new in the Hyperworks and Optistructt and I made some tutorials correctly and learned how to use some features of the program, but when i try to optimize a RC airplane wheel, all the elements of design space disappears. I tried to fix that for two days and so far i didn't discovered anything.... Somebody can help me? i haven't found any tutorial or topics about wheel optimizations, somebody know where i can find? Thanks! Daniel Andrade Federal Universty of Minas Gerais - Aerodesign Team
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