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  1. Hi all, How to cancel noise in hypergraph for transient response analysis
  2. Can anyone please send me this tutorial file, Ball_Bearing.mdl
  3. Please can anybody send me this tutorial, I am doing bearing contact analysis so it will be useful and guide me how to do the analysis. Ball_Bearing.mdlBall_Bearing.mdl
  4. Dear Sir, I have atatcehd the Excel time data and FFT plot from both Hypergraph and MATLAB, Please check why Hypergraph giving more Amplitude? resultfilestosupportteam.zip
  5. can we use cvisc in modal transient?
  6. thank you sir, I am doing Modal transient response analysis , i am taking acceleration responses so i want to know that what software gives is peak to peak or RMS. or if i want rms then how can i get.
  7. I need RMS results, but generally what type software will give?
  8. can i get any document related to this viscous damping like any tutorials on this.....
  9. Hi i am doing Bearing simulation , for my transient analysis how can i give viscous damping to my model any cards are there ?
  10. Hi all, I am doing modal transient analysis and my output is time vs acceleration, may i know that acceleration output data is in RMS or peak to peak, or any other form?
  11. but in transient analysis i am not getting imaginary files.
  12. Thanks Sir, I ma not getting Imaginary plot from transient analysis... What output request should i give to get Imaginary files.?
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