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  1. Hi, good to know. Thank you so much Simon. Let me try it. Regards, Punith
  2. Hi, I want to run a topography optimization of a sheet metal component, but I would like to restrict the shape change with barrier mesh inside and outside due to the adjacent components. How can I do this?. Can someone help me with this concern?. I know that barrier mesh option is available in free shape optimization but I really want to make use of only Topography optimization as it is a sheet metal component. Thanks and regards, Punith
  3. Hi Rahul, thank you for the reply. I am not able to access the manual u sent. Can you help me out? Regards, Punith Guptha
  4. Hello all, I am currently working on NVH Frequency response analysis with optistruct and nastran solvers and I see an error of opproximately 10%. Same FEA model has been used in both solvers and the error is 10%. If both the models are created in their corresponding solvers, then the error comes out to be 7%. How good is Optistruct solver for NVH to match Nasran solver? Any benchmarking done on this? Please help me out. Thanks and regards, Punith
  5. @tinh Hello Tinh its a tool from Altair to run the scripts with excel compatibility. With this tool you can organize your components and model and quickly run the simulation.
  6. Hello all, I need a help regarding Matrixbrowser. I am not able to get the area of the surfaces in Matrixbrowser. I see that area can be calculated only based on elements. Any inputs or alternative options available on this. Please help me. Thanks and regards, Punith
  7. Hi Prakash, please find the .out file in attachment. Regards, Punith 2160732_submodelling.out
  8. Hello all, I am running Submodel simulation and I got following error. Can someone help me out?. ANALYSIS RESULTS : ------------------ ITERATION 0 Processing Subcase 11 ... Processing Subcase 28 ... *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "apxmin.F", at location # 226. **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** ************************************************************************ OptiStruct error termination report printed to file "2160732_submodelling.stat". ************************************************************************ There were 8 WARNING(s) reported during the run. ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ====
  9. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, thank you for the reply. Let me have a look at it. Regards, Punith Guptha
  10. Hello @Prakash Pagadala, any recent update on this? Regards, punith Guptha
  11. Hi Prakash, you can check the link below. I am looking for the similar application. Regards, Punith
  12. @Prakash Pagadala I have a question regarding axisymmetric analysis. Is there any option available in Hyperworks for axisymmetric problem like in Abaqus?.If not, is Hyperworks working on that?. I have a cylindrical component andI would like to mesh only 2D crosssection of it and finally see the results for 360 Degree. How can it be done?. I tried defining the symettric constraints for the 2D mesh and defined the line contacts between the mesh. But it is not working. I contacted Hyperworks-Germany support team and they said that line contact is not working with Optistruct. How can I solve my problem? I am not able to work with 3D model as it is taking lot of time. Please help me in this concern. I am basucally looking to some parameter study for pressfit analysis of rim and disc by varing the length of press fit and angle and I am looking for the optimum. I think this problem can be handeled in Hyperstudy. This problem is non-Linear and if I work with 3D it takes huge time. Please help me in this concern. Regards, Punith
  13. OK thank you @Nachiket Kadu and thank you @Prakash Pagadala
  14. But NLOUT is already used in the model. I do not see any H3d file in the location.
  15. Hi @Nachiket Kadu it took more than 35 hours to reach 92%. Quite a big model.
  16. @Prakash Pagadala ok I understand that. Thank you for the reply. Now to avoid such a mistake next time how can I export the intermediate results. For example the solver has performed the iterations upto 92% load now and looking for convergence. But I would like to see my results at 91% load. How can I do that?. Please help me.
  17. Hi Nachiket, I think the solver has to perform the iterations until the full load is reached. But since 15 hours it is in the same 92% load iteration. No Increment in the load. What is the problem? Thanks and regards, Punith
  18. Here is my output file. please have a look. No change since 15 hours. I need the results by Monday. Could you please help me out ASAP?. pressFit3D.out
  19. Should I stop the solver and rerun?
  20. The solver is running since more than 15 hours and there is no further iterations perfomed. No increment in the load. But solver is running. I dont understand this.
  21. Hello @Prakash Pagadala the model which you gave worked without any problem. I ran a complete 360 deg model later which is running since yesterday but after 92% of the load there is no further iterations performed. Can you tell me how should I proceed further?Can I get the intermediate result? Regards, Punith
  22. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Thank you so much for the solving the issue. Can you tell me how you modified the timestep?. Also please tell me how can I use rotation symmetry for the same model. Regards, Punith
  23. @Prakash Pagadala thank you so much.
  24. Hi @Prakash Pagadala I did not use autoc contact. Regards, Punith
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