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  1. Hello all,

    I am currently working on NVH Frequency response analysis with optistruct and nastran solvers and I see an error of opproximately 10%. Same FEA model has been used in both solvers and the error is 10%. If both the models are created in their corresponding solvers, then the error comes out to be 7%. How good is Optistruct solver for NVH to match Nasran solver? Any benchmarking done on this? Please help me out.


    Thanks and regards,


  2. Hello all,


    I am running Submodel simulation and I got following error. Can someone help me out?.



     Processing Subcase 11 ...
     Processing Subcase 28 ...

       in file "apxmin.F", at location # 226.


     OptiStruct error termination report printed to file

     There were 8 WARNING(s) reported during the run.


     ==== End of solver screen output ==== 

  3. @Prakash Pagadala

    I have a question regarding axisymmetric analysis. Is there any option available in Hyperworks for axisymmetric problem like in Abaqus?.If not, is Hyperworks working on that?.

    I have a cylindrical component andI would like to mesh only 2D crosssection of it and finally see the results for 360 Degree. How can it be done?. I tried defining the symettric constraints for the 2D mesh and defined the line contacts between the mesh. But it is not working. I contacted Hyperworks-Germany support team and they said that line contact is not working with Optistruct. How can I solve my problem? I am not able to work with 3D model as it is taking lot of time. Please help me in this concern.


    I am basucally looking to some parameter study for pressfit analysis of rim and disc by varing the length of press fit and angle and I am looking for the optimum. I think this problem can be handeled in Hyperstudy. This problem is non-Linear and if I work with 3D it takes huge time.


    Please help me in this concern.




  4. Dear @Ganesh Munge,

    I dont have any knowledge on Radioss till now. I would like to do it in optistruct first. I have already attached my model files in the first message. It is basically a pressfit of two components disc and rim of wheel. To reduce the solver time, I tried initially with a small crosssection as my component is axisymmetric.




  5. Hello @Prakash Pagadala

    first of all, I would like to know if this is the right way to simulate the press fit. My component is basically a axisymmetric component with slight variations. So initially I wanted to work with a small section to reduce the time. Any recommendations would be welcome. How about using Geometrical Nonlinear implicit analysis?. If there is a existing interferrence in the model how to define the clearence when PCONT is used?




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