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  1. Dear @Ganesh Munge, I dont have any knowledge on Radioss till now. I would like to do it in optistruct first. I have already attached my model files in the first message. It is basically a pressfit of two components disc and rim of wheel. To reduce the solver time, I tried initially with a small crosssection as my component is axisymmetric. Regards, Punith
  2. Hello @Prakash Pagadala first of all, I would like to know if this is the right way to simulate the press fit. My component is basically a axisymmetric component with slight variations. So initially I wanted to work with a small section to reduce the time. Any recommendations would be welcome. How about using Geometrical Nonlinear implicit analysis?. If there is a existing interferrence in the model how to define the clearence when PCONT is used? Regards, Punith
  3. Got this ERROR *** ERROR # 4965 *** Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached, analysis aborted. ANALYSIS COMPLETED. *** SOME ERRORS WERE REPORTED DURING THE RUN, *** PLEASE VERIFY RESULTS AS THEY MAY BE INVALID. *** SOME ERRORS WERE REPORTED DURING THE RUN, *** PLEASE VERIFY RESULTS AS THEY MAY BE INVALID. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ====
  4. Hi Prakash, I already referred this example. It was not helpful. Can you review my model attached and give me a feedback? Regards, Punith
  5. Hi Ganesh, yes some thing like this. Can you help me out? Regards, Punith
  6. Hello everyone, basically I wanted to simulate the pressfit. I dont know if this is the right way to do. I already worked with the basic tutorial existing in website using PCONT card where we define the clearence. In my model there is a clearence already included. So I thought of trying with non-linear quasi static large deformation and I ended with an error. I have attached my model. Also what is the better way to simulate pressfit ( I want to simulate the complete pressfit process). I have no knowledge with Radioss explicit solver. Please help me. Thanks and regards, Punith Guptha
  7. Hello everyone, I tried a tutorial model for Geometrical nonlinear implicit analysis in Optistruct and I got this error. Can some one help me out what exactly is this error about?. I willl also attach my solver file here. * See next message about line 45 from file: D:/HYPERWORKS/HYPERWORKS_TEST/FORD_PressFitSimulation/NonlinearImplicit/plate.fem "GRID 3 0.0 0.0 0.0" *** ERROR # 1020 *** in the input data: Missing BEGIN BULK or line before BEGIN BULK has trailing comma. Thanks and regards, Punith Guptha plate.fem
  8. Hi, firstly split the geometry in the region where you want to mesh with element size 4. Go to 2D meshing panel and mesh this surface with element size 4. Choose the remaining surface and mesh it with different size as required. Now go to 3D mesh panel ->Tetramesh -> Volumetetra -> choose the solid to be meshing and tick the match existing mesh option. Hope this helps you. Regards, Punith
  9. try to mesh the surface with diffrent element size. This might help you.
  10. wow really helped a lot. Thank you so much Regards, Punith
  11. Can you tell me where to find expressions like catch and using IF function?I searched a lot in Hypermath help files but unable to find it. Thanks and regards, Punith
  12. Hello Livillyle, thank you for the quick reply. Your code helped me. Thank you so much. Regards, Punith
  13. Hello everyone, i am new to Tcl programming and worked little bit with command.tcl file to create simple scripts. But now I would like to create a script with the help of if loop. I wanted the script automatically create the solids with bounding surfaces option and if the solids already exist in the model then to return. Can someone help me with this? I could only come out with this. *createmark surfaces 1 "displayed" *solids_create_from_surfaces 1 4 -1 2 Thank s and regards, Punith
  14. Hi George, thank you it is working. Regards, Punith Guptha
  15. Punith

    Mesh style

    Thank you so much George. Regards, Punith Guptha
  16. Hello everyone, I am running a stamping simultion of a steel wheel using incremental Radioss but unfortunately simulation is terminated with warning message. I have attached output file and screenshots of material and properties. Please help me with this concern. Regards, Punith Guptha HJB_7Jx17-5-35_VersaStyle_neutrale-Faser-360_20170320_0000.out
  17. Punith

    Mesh style

    Hello George, thank you for the reply. Bur running the macro each time when you mesh the surface is as complicated as you choose the mesh style for the surface. I think it would be a great option to set the mesh style permanently under the meshing options. Regards, Punith Guptha
  18. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a way to set the mesh style permanently? Every time when I create a new mesh I have to go to mesh style and choose the parameters. thanks and regards, Punith Guptha
  19. Hi, I already tried with cylindrical pattern grouping, it is trying to change the contour of the cylinder. But I would like to have some beads on the surface of the cylinder with out changing the contour of the cylinder. You can assume my model to be a simple cylindrical pipe as in the image. Regards, Punith
  20. Hi prakash, it is working. Thank you so much. Now final step it to achieve the symmetric beads on the surface of the cylinder. How do I do that using pattern grouping?. I have attached the image similar to my model. Can you please mark the anchor point, first point and second point in the image? I tried with 2d radial method as I had 2D shell elements wit assigned thickness, but is not working for me. Thanks and regards, Punith Guptha
  21. Hi Prakash, I have one more question to you. I want to constrain my mode 1 frequency to 300 Hz and at the same time I want to optimize my stiffness of the model. I just have modal frequency subcase in my model and I want to run an topography optimization with the generation of beads. How can I do it? Because to set the compliance as my objective function we need the static loads right? Thanks, Punith
  22. Hi Prakash, the problem was not resolved in the tutorial file also. I have attached both model file and .fem file of the tutorial. Can you check it out? Thanks and regards, Punith sshield_opti.fem sshield_opti.hm
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