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  1. thank you so much. It worked. Regards, Punith
  2. I extracted the new mesh and now I would like to export the geometry to .Step or .iges format. It is ging me the error saying that invalid element count in.sh file. I have attached the image for the options I used. Thanks and Regards, Punith Guptha
  3. Hi, I am running an freeshape optimization and would like to extract the geometry of new design. I got an error when I tried to do reanalysis saying that invalid element count in .sh file. Thanks and Regards, Punith Guptha
  4. Hi Prakash, can you briefly explain this error. I got the same problem and was resolved when I unclick the Isosurface. Thanks and Regards, Punith Guptha
  5. Hello ashutosh, you are welcome. Regards, Punith Guptha
  6. Hi Prakash, thank you for the Info. Regards. Punith Guptha
  7. Hi Ashu, sometimes hypermesh fails to build the right mesh for the geometry. Lets say you took the bigger element size and there are more curvatures and features then it fails to build the right mesh. A temparary 2d tetra will be created to see where the elements are failing. Try remeshing with diffrent element size or you can use USE CURVATURE option and specify the min element size and Feature angle. You can try out with minimum element size as 1mm and vary feature angle, you see the difference. I have attached the panel image please check it. Regards, Punith Guptha
  8. Hi prakash, to resolve this error (lets say I have one or two elements which fails in element quality), can I use a control card > PARAM > CHECKEL > NO?. Does this work as well? Regards, Punith Guptha
  9. Use the control card GRIDCON (Grid Control). For more info refer to attachment and help files. Regards PG
  10. Hi, it seems that there is a problem with your meshing. When the solver try to move the grid points, some does not move and this creates a distorted mesh. Regards, Punith Guptha
  11. Hi yashwanth, it seems there was a problem with the element CBEAM 188. I think it is a duplicate element. And I found more duplicates in your model, I deleted them. There is one more error in your model you hav to define the static load in your model. You have used the SPC for both SPC and Load. Define some load and the model has to run succesfully. I have uploaded the model below. Hope it helped you. Regards, Punith Guptha
  12. Hello Rahul and Tinh, thank you so much for your replies. Regards, Punith Guptha
  13. Hello everyone, is there any way to set the loads on the geometry permanently?. I mean after I set the load to surface and map them to elements, load is applied to all the elements belonging to that surface. But when I update the surface with new mesh the load crearted on the geometry before vanishes. Everytime when I create a new mesh I need to update the loads. Why cant hypermesh directly link the loads to surfaces rather mesh?.
  14. HI, I mean to ask you that as we see number of TRAIS, QUADS etc in the output file. Can we see the number of differential equations araised in the model due to the applied forces and boundary conditions. I have seen this option in ABAQUS output file, also getting reaction forces before analysis. That is why I am asking you. Regards, Punith
  15. Hi Prakash, Its ok but can you tell the answers for the other two questions which I raised to you. Finding the number of equations in the model and finding the reaction forces before running the model.? Regards, Punith Guptha
  16. Hi prakash, ya the model got converged. I have attched the output file, go through it. I have just renamed the file before I sent you. BiegeSteifigkeit.out
  17. Hi prakash, see the below image attached for the options which I have used. And let me know if there is an option too see the reaction forces before I run the simulation. Regards, Punith Guptha
  18. Hi Prakash, I found NLOUT option in the newly released version of HW14 nad I specified the NINT value to be 10. So the load increments has to be 0.1 , but i got only 7 outputs with different load. I mean to say my loads are not equally divided. How do I set this option? Please help me. Regards, Punith Guptha
  19. Hi Prakash, I am unable to find the NLOUT option in the subcaes information section. I could only see NLOAD option over there. I am using HW 14 but still not able to find it. I have also opted Non linear Quasi Static Analysis. Regards, Punith Guptha
  20. Hi prakash, thank you. Is it possible to post process the results for each load increment?. I have specified just NINC under NLPARM, is it sufficient for the setup or any other control cards required? Regards, Punith
  21. Hi everyone, I have a linear static analysis and I want to split my load from 0 to 5 kN in 0.1 KN load increment. How do I do this in linear static analysis?. Please help me. Thanking you, Punith Guptha
  22. Hi Prakash, thanks for the reply. There was difference in constraints modelling. Now I got the same results with a small difference. This is just for only one type of wheel and the results had to be compared for the other type of wheels as well. Your answer was helpful to me and I expect the same results now for the other models. Thanks and regards, Punith Gupta
  23. Prakash, sorry I cant share those files. But I am sure that only onestep load has been used for static analyis. I know that there is a RAMP option which is onestep load and the other one is you can specify the userdefined function for the load in Abaqus.So load cases are similar.I have also switched on the USE CORNER DATA option in postprocessing. I dont understand why this differences. What do you think? May be the algorithms implimented for computing the VonMises are different?. This is just a guess because when I look at P1 major strains they are almost same. How much deviation do you expect between the solvers? Any Idea?. Regards, Punith Gupta
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