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  1. thanks for your help Rahul ! GAYE
  2. Thanks.. Can you please give me the link to RADIOSS 13.0 user guide/Reference guide, i am not able to get it via altair web site. Thanks. GAYE
  3. Hi Prakash, thanks for your useful answer and advice. I use optistruct because i would like to perform also Optimization. And as i think, Optimisation is not possible in Radioss ! Is not it ?
  4. Hi jakubat, sorry for the misunderstanding, my advice was about the contact between blue and dark yellow elements not about modeling the pin and bolted : And i was thinking initially that you have 2 bolted joints (red and blue) instead of pin and bolted here : GAYE
  5. Hi HighFyah, this is fixed point. You can turn off the visualization of fixed points by clicking on the button circled in red (in the lef of the image)in my attached file. GAYE
  6. Hi Jakubat, if you use no separation contact, once the contact pair comes into contact, they can slide against each other without friction as you can read in the Optistruct Contacts.pdf file page 20. So if you use "no separation" contact shear load can be transmitted, it depend only on your loading condition (see page 23). If you want both surfaces remain fixed but no shear load is transmitted use FREEZE contact so that you will only transmit tension and compression. Have a look on this :
  7. Hi all, I would like to model contact between 2 gears (like image in attached file). I took this illustration in a Altair document dealing with contact problems. But, the author do not mention how to implement this kind of contact in optistruct. Does anyone have any idea/advice on how to do this in optistruct? Thanks for your help. GAYE
  8. Hello all, i would like to know if it is possible to run an optimisation in a non-linear model using optistruct (for exemple a non-linear model in which we have slide contact between 2 components). If it is possible, can you please give me a link of a tutorial or some thing that can help me ? If it is not possible, what do you suggest me ? Thanks for you help. GAYE
  9. Hi Antonio93, this i due to bad quality element (tet collapse, jacobian, mix angle, max angle...). Please have a look about quality index, see altair web side for more details: http://www.altairuniversity.com/modeling/element-quality/ If you want, you can desactivate the element quality check doing by the solver. To do so, you have to go to : Analysis/control cards/Param (use next boutton to find it if necessary)/Checkel--->No instead of YES. But bear in mind that if you desactivate the quality element check you can get poor result. So you must be careful to what you do !! You can also see this for more details : GAYE
  10. Hi antonio93, for this you have to follow this steps : -first do you 2D mesh -create a new component named as 3D_mesh_name_of_component, so this will be normally your current component (if not, make it current : right click on it and click Make Current) -Do your 3D mesh (2D to 3D) -Create a new component named as 2D_mesh_name_of_component, so this will be normally your current component (if not make it current : right click on and Make Current) -Move your 2D "initial" mesh to the last component you created 2D_mesh_name_of_component. For this your have to go to Tools/Organize/Move : select only you 2D mesh (desactivate your 3D mesh to do it and do elems/display) and put it on your 2D_mesh_name_of_component. -Delete the component you created 2D_mesh_name_of_component It will normally remain juste the 3D mesh GAYE PS : If your have many component, do this steps it in every component
  11. HI all, i am performing modal analysis and i have spc and force in my model. I first create a modal analysis load step with a analysis type define as "normale modes" in which i specify the spc. I would like to know how to integrate force card in my modal analysis load step ? Thanks, GAYE
  12. Hello every body here, this forum is really helpful, just keep the good work ! I know that in general contact problem is non linear BUT i would like to know if it is possible to perform "linear analysis" with optistruct when the contact interface type is set to freeze or tie ? Thanks a lot. Best regards, GAYE
  13. Hi All, i'm looking for hypermesh solver 's tutorials or case study example in Kinematic constraints such as gear type Joint. Can you please help me ? Thanks. Warm regards, GAYE
  14. Hi all, i get this error when runing static analysis in optistruct : *** ERROR # 99 *** CBUSH element 166866 references incompatible PBUSH. K2/M2/B2, K3/M3/B3, K5/M5/B5, and K6/M6/B6 on PBUSH must be zero for CBUSH with no G0, CID, and blank X1, X2, and X3. Can somebody please help me ! GAYE
  15. Hi all, I have in my model 2 components with perfect interface between them. When i run my analysis (with force boundaries condition in one of the component), i see that the load is not transfer to the second component because of the interface between the 2 components. My question is in this case what kind of connector do i have to use to get perfect connection between interface ? is that possible to merge this 2 components in a same component so that i can ovoid the interface : how to do it in hypermesh ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  16. Hi all; i am in the same situation. I use hypermesh v12. Thanks for your help.
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