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  1. Is it possible in hyperview to move the legend to the bottom of the screen and also make it horizontal instead of vertical? I only see 4 options in hv but none of them allow it to be horizontal.
  2. Is there a way to open vtk files in hyperview?
  3. Thanks I was able to resolve this issue with the help of altair support team but I have anothe rtopoc I just posted. Topic
  4. When I run this command using below tcl hv -b -tcl Image_Capture1.tcl example.modl example.res This is the results log I see on my linux terminal: Ready Loading Report... Applying Report... Ready Ready Capturing... Ready It's stuck at "Ready" and unless I press Ctrl+c or enter it doesn't exit back to terminal. How can I make the code to exit to terminal after the proc is over? proc BatchMain { } { set inputdeck [lindex $::argv 6] set resultfile [lindex $::argv 7] puts $inputdeck puts $resultfile set t [::post::GetT] hwi GetSessionHandle sess$t sess$t GetProjectHandle proj$t hwi OpenStack sess$t LoadReport Batch_Process.tpl sess$t ApplyReport Batch_Process replace true false 2 $inputdeck $resultfile set numpages [proj$t GetNumberOfPages]; for {set i 1} {$i <= $numpages} {incr i} { proj$t SetActivePage $i proj$t GetPageHandle pg$t $i pg$t Draw pg$t ReleaseHandle sess$t CaptureScreen png image_$i.png } hwi CloseStack proj$t ReleaseHandle sess$t Close } BatchMain
  5. Hello, I am running the below command on a linux server hv -b -tcl Image_Capture.tcl example.modl example.res . and I get below error: Loading Report... Applying Report... Invalid character in integer field: '##'. This is the first time I am running this command on this server. I have attached the tcl file for reference. Please advice!
  6. I am not able to find those surfaces separately using any select features options. Manually doing it defeats the purpose. I can do it in HM as well. Simlab crashed when I tried to do clean up with edge length. sending model would not possible in the public forum. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am new to Simlab. When I mesh I get these elements with small element edge length. Please refer to the example. How can I avoid them. I tried cleaning up. it ran for 4 hours and simlab crashed. I tried other methods, simlab crashed. How can I clean this up before doing mesh controls or how can I select faces like these using 'select features' so I can give a separate mesh control?
  8. Hello, I have a set of data which is in below format nid x y z] . . but it does not have any details about the elements. coordinates are for a cylinder and elements are probably quad. Is it possible to generate surf mesh using this xyz data in HM while also keeping the same nids? Please advice!
  9. Thanks. It worked. but the notes were humongous and the legends didn't show up.
  10. Hello Guys, Does any one have experience in running linux version of hyperview from xterminal? I am trying to create images using tcl. when I execute the command its importing the model and also applying the results but while capturing and saving it throws an error as below. xcb_io.c:454: _XRead: Assertion `dpy->xcb->reply_data != 0' failed The command I execute is : hw -b -tcl "file.tcl" "*.modl" "*.res" "folder for image" Currently I am using exceed to run the program on linux. I also tried using Putty and ended up with an error saying " No valid font found" Do you guys have any idea. what is going wrong here? Thanks Ash
  11. No its just a cylinder which i need to unfold.
  12. Hello Guys, Does anyone know how to unwrap 2D elements? i have a 2D cylinder and I want to unfold it to a single plain and view the results. is it possible? Thanks Ash
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