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  1. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your illustration. I was wondering, if I used drag and spin to generate both curved parts, how I manage to mesh the bulky wedge in the middle to maintain the integrity of T-shape? Do you have any suggestion? Thanks, Shibo
  2. Dear all, I am trying to do solid meshing on a geometry of T-junction within hollows, which is the matrix constituent for composite material. I know the complex geometry needs to be partitioned in order to do solid mesh so my previous idea was to divide it into three parts: two hollow curved sides and one solid core in the middle. then I tried to use linear drag to do both curved sides of the matrix, but I found I am not able to mesh the bulky matrix core due to the mesh generated from the linear drag doesn't correlated with geometry. Can anyone give some thoughts on how to mesh this assembly? Thanks, Shibo
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