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  1. Can you please point me to the tutorial or help page about connection detect or manufacturing constraint? I haven't used these features before.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer! Even with a VERY low ISO contour value, the nondesign elements are left hanging in the air: This is a screenshot taken of a contour value below 0.05! And already there's elements floating. I don't know the connection detect feature yet, do you have any advice for it? What kind of threshhold should I use?
  3. Hello! My problem is, that I am trying to optimize a selfmade model. Some parts of the model should stay the way they are, because i need them for the intended function, therefore i created a second property which I called "nondesign". This worked well on previous models I worked on. Now the problem is, these nondesign Elements end up just hanging in the air after the optimization. Maybe I have some misconceptions over how the program works, but as the elements are reduced - i.e. the area nears zero - shouldn't the stresses go towards infinity? So shouldn't there always be at least some elements left? But instead I'm left with the nondesign elements just uselessly floating in the air, with no connection to the mainbody whatsoever. I have added some screenshots and the model for you to look at. The yellow elements are the "nondesign" component. I should note, the model is not necissarily realistic, especially the forces. I played around with some of the values to get a feeling for the model and to see how it behaves under different forces. So those might be a little unrealistic. I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance. The Model: NonD-disp-con.zip
  4. Hello! I am a student and still new to the program. I am currently working on the C-Clip Tutorial and when trying to use Optistruct, the Solver View is completely empty. All the panels are empty and the summary only reads " ===Job complete=== ", nothing else. And when I try to use HyperView next, I don't see anything either, it is empty, too. Panels such as the folder directory for the model and results are empty and I can't manage to open the files manually either. I will add an screenshot of the Solver View. Please note: I am using a PC which doesn't save the data locally, but on a server, which can be accessed from various PCs in the university's laboratory.
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