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  1. Hi, i would like to evaluate my model (Solver LS-Dyna) with the Hashin Criterium in Hyperview.Therfore i want to implement the equations in the expression builder. For tension/compression differentiation I want to use IF-Loops, but I can't find such a command. Is there a way to work with loops in Expression Builder? Thank you for any support!
  2. Hello Rahul, i try the run with DOPTPRM,OPTMETH,DUAL2 but unfortunately the results are the same. It stops at Iteration 31. Do you know another possibility?
  3. Hello Rahul, thank you very much for the fast reply. I'm using Optistruct 14.0. In the attachment is the out-File. Thanks! File.out
  4. Hello, i’m doing a topology optimization with Optistruct. The part is a rotational symmetric body, which is loaded with 8 independent cosine functions uniformly distributed over the circumference. Each one has its own Load Step. Until iteration number 31 everything works fine, the process is at 40% and the results looks quite good, but definitely not finished yet . But then the optimization freezes and remains in this state. The last entry in the .stat-File is shown here. Does anybody know, what the problem could be? What means the FCTMTX at subcase 4? Thanks for any information and assistance! Marcus Stat-File.stat
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