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  1. Hi all, Can anyone suggest the type of connection (in Nastran profile) used for interiors like for A clips, the stiffness value if springs are used and how to constrain them. Regards Sreejith R
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you. I am getting support from the Commercial customer support team. Regards Sreejith R
  3. Hi everyone, I am facing issues with setting up solver deck for Msc. Nastran from Hypermesh for MODAL ANALYSIS.I am not able to do this directly. I am currently using Hypermesh as preprocessor, then Msc. Patran to set up the solver deck because Msc. Nastran does not read a file directly exported from Hypermesh. I want to run the file directly for MODAL ANALYSIS in Msc. Nastran from Hypermesh. Please share related documents. Regards Sreejith R
  4. Hi Rahul, That was really helpful for one of my practice model. However, I tried the same for another already meshed model(I am not sure of the profile used for meshing). I converted it into Nastran profile and the ran simulation in Msc.Nastran. I faced the following errors which I am not able to understand : 1. WARN" FOR TEST RESULTS EXCEEDING TOLERANCES 2. SYSTEM FATAL MESSAGE 4276 (BP_BIO) 3.EROR CODE 1039 PID= 0 4.BIOMSG: ERROR 1039 HAS OCCURRED IN ROUTINE BP_BIO , FILE INDEX = 1. Please share your views on the errors. Also please share pdfs for sol 103 and 111(Nastran interface tutorials) as the one shared before for 101 was really helpful. Regards Sreejith R
  5. Hi, Thank you for your response. However I am not able to figure out how to define SOL card in Msc. Nastran. I have done preprocessing and setting up the deck in Nastran profile. I want to use Msc Nastran as my solver. For this, when I directly run the .bdf file in Msc.nastran , I find no results. However, if I prepare the deck in Msc. patran again, Msc. Nastran gives results. I want to learn how to solve in Msc.nastran without using Msc. patran as I can set up the deck in Hypermesh itself. Regards Sreejith R
  6. Hi all, I am a fresher and so struggling with Hypermesh(HM) I want to use HM as my preprocessor(with Nastran profile) and Msc.Nastran as solver. However, I feel load steps and load collectors do not get converted when I import .bdf . From google, I found that we need to input some data in .bdf before running in Nastran. However, I am not able to understand what to enter for a particular analysis type. I am trying modal analysis and FRF. Please share your views.
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