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  1. Hello, I am working with the material law Orthotropic Damage and plasticity, where the shared evolution Law is is defines as it shown below. What is the meaning of the Parameters K_inf, K_0 and H'? Arent they Materialparameters? If yes, why I should not define them in the Modell, how are they calculated? Thank you for your answer
  2. Hi Pranav, thank you for your answer, that works actually.
  3. Hello! At some calculations I am able to see the results in the h3d file. I dont have to wait until the calculations are finnisched. Which ist ist Keyword, which with I can control it? Thank you for your help! Best regards.
  4. Hi Ivan, thank you for your answer. I had a false paramter in my Control Card. Regards, David
  5. Hi, I built up a Tension analysis wit a coupon speciment. Material: LAW12 Property: P6_SOL_ORTH I want to set up the materialorientation. I tried to assign the nodes to a coordynatesystem, which is rotated by 45 grad and tried to set the parameter "Psi" on 45 Degree, but neither of them worked. Can you please help me by building up a laminate? ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Orthotropic Solid Property Set (pid 6) ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /PROP/SOL_ORTH/1 solids 17 2 3 2 1 45.0
  6. Hi, could somebody found a solution on this Topic? Thank you for your answer. David
  7. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Thank you for the quick answer, I found it. Somehow, I missed the toggle options "Elems". My second question would be, that the Name of the contact surface get a "Csurf_" part in his name automatically, which was not make by the older Method(Tool-> Auto Contact) of Creating Contactsurface before. I dont know if it does any differences or not. I marked it, on the picture. The last to Contactsurfaces were made by the new Method (Contact Tool->AutoContact), the others were made by the old method. It does not mean any differences I think, or do?
  8. Hi, Thank You for your answer! I found it, but I cant modify the choosenelements az the Contact surface, as I could before. I want to modify my Master and my Slave surfaces, but I can only pick them by Contactsurface entity. Furthermore I choose the entity type: Surfaces, and it adds, an other nameformat for the Contactsurface then the other version of Auto-Contact. I marked the different names. Does it matter? Arent they the same?
  9. Hi, I have a problem by making an Auto-Contact in Hypermesh. Somehow the Auto-Contact function is missing under Tools. It should be at "Pretension Manager", but I can't find. I tried to refresh my User Profile to Optistruct, but it didnt help. Thank you for the answers!
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