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  1. Hi Jan, There was one of the constraints in load case RUC that disappeared when I exported the .fem file, but I have solved that problem now and the results makes more sense now. When I only have weighting factor 1 for both of the load cases is the final result as if I only applied RUC, and if I increase the weighting factor for load case CICP a lot I can see a difference in the optimized design. Thanks for the help, and thanks for reminding me about the units!
  2. Thanks for your answer, I think I understand how it works now! However, I am not sure if my model is correct, I receives the same result independent of the weight factors (which I understood could be the case) and also when I add one extra load case to the simulations. There is one warning in the .out file that I can't understand: "SPC SID= 64 is referenced by SPCADD data but is not referenced by any bulk data." Maybe that can affect the result? Please find two .fem files attached, one model with two load cases and one model with three. CICP_RUC_0.2_3.fem CICP_RUC_CI_0.2_3.fem
  3. I'm not quite sure how you mean, could you please explain it a bit further? Different load cases will be applied to the two plates that belongs to the non-design space in the picture, this is to see how it will affect the connected plate in the middle and optimize that plates design. When you say that I can make the area near the bolts a non-design area, is that possible to do when I set up the optimization in HyperMesh, or do I have to e.g. create a "new component" around the bolts in order to assign it an other property compared to the design space?
  4. Thanks for the your answer, and sorry that the picture didn´t follow. It should be in this message. In that example, the plate in the middle has one property and is assigned to be the design space and the other two plates the non-design space. However, would it be possible to prevent some region in the design space (the plate in the middle) not to be affected by the optimization? Or do I have to define a new region and assign them another property in order to separate it from the design space? Which tutorial did you mean? Thanks, Linn
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