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  1. Hi @Rahul R Any pointers will be helpful. TIA
  2. Hi Rahul, Thank you. Please find the snapshots attached. Geom.jpg is the domain that I am trying to mesh. It's a simple one with sphere, rod and a wire wrapped to it inside a box. The picture1.png is the mesh that I am trying to replicate in Hypermesh. You can see it is jaggered with multiple refinement zones and different meshing parameters for each of them. Can I do this is in Hypermesh, if yes can you please help? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am trying to create a boundary layer mesh around a sphere. It is non uniform boundary layer, what I mean is I am fully aware of how to create a volume mesh with boundary layers. But what I dont know is how I can create a varying number of boundary layers within the domain. Say closer to the sphere, I want 20 layers and near the inlet I need 10 layers. Is there way to create this within Hypermesh? Thanks
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