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  1. Hi there, is there anyway which I can get the files and tutorial for the above shown example? Thank you
  2. Thanks, what material card image and property card image is an RBE? i assume it's Pshell and Mat 1?
  3. Hi, I have a project which involves analysing a rotational force. Is the RFORCE card the correct card to use? I read the Help file, but I couldn't understand much of it. I need help in understanding how to utilize the RFORCE card. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi there. I will be doing a similar project soon. Do you mind sharing with me where you got the tutorials to build the model fan?
  5. Sure Prakash. Please let me know if you need any other files. Thanks test_0000.out test_0000.rad
  6. Greetings, Recently I have simulated a tensile test similar to the RADIOSS tutorial in Hypermesh. For units, I used: Length (mm), Time (ms), Mass (kg), Force (kN) and Stress (GPa) I have the simulation results as below: And then I compared my results with the results from the theory manual: I think my results (for stress and the shape of the curve) correlate with the theory manual, but my strain seems to be one decimal place out. May I know the error? Or is it because of units?
  7. Greetings, I am a new user (with 3 weeks tutorials experience), and I am a student learning Optistruct to optimize a centrifugal fan for a project. May I ask if there are any guides or tutorials which I can refer to for my project? Thanks a lot!
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