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    Detect weak areas due to weld lines Estimate the influence on the part strength Solution
    Converse mapping capabilities in order to assign weld line areas and flow angle to the mechanical model Results
    Optimized manufacturing process Knowledge of local varying component strength
  2. valdir liked a post in a topic by Sascha Pazour in Top Use Cases   
    Saving Material Without Performance Loss   Challenge Reducing the weight without loss of usability and strength Optimizing the manufacturing process   Solution
    Injection molding simulation to optimize the part production and to create the fiber orientation for the new designed part Taking into account these results to perform most realistic mechanical simulation  
    Significant material and cost savings due to optimized geometry Faster and more economic production process
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    What is the difference between CONVERSE Basic and CONVERSE Advanced?
    With CONVERSE Basic all mapping features of CONVERSE are already available, but the material model is limited to anisotropic linear-elastic material properties.
    A more advanced material model for non-linear behavior is only available in CONVERSE Advanced only.
    Does CONVERSE need to run during my simulation?
    No. After the mapping is done and the required files are exported Converse can be closed and the simulation can be started with these files included in your original file.
    Is a User-Subroutine required for an analysis using CONVERSE data?
    Since CONVERSE only uses existing solver commands of the supported solvers there is no User-Subroutine required. This is more stable and faster due to unlimited usage of parallel computation.
    Does the Converse Database provide ready to use Materials? How many? What materials? Are they solver dependent?
    CONVERSE offers dozens of materials in the database and of course they can be used, but please make sure to test the material first. Therefore we recommend to perform a simple tensile test simulation and compare the results with your datasheet to avoid unexpected results.
    What injection molding software products can I use with CONVERSE?
    What mechanical solvers are supported by CONVERSE?
    CONVERSE provides interfaces for the following mechanical simulation solvers: RADIOSS, ABAQUS, ANSYS, OPTISTRUCT, NASTRAN, MARC, LS-DYNA and SAMCEF as well as to the following fatigue analyzer: FEMFAT, NCODE, LMS Virtual.Lab
    What are the main mapping features of CONVERSE?
    A mapping of the following properties is possible:
    Anisotropic fiber orientation, degree of orientation and material properties as well as weld lines and shrinkage & warpage. Also transient pressure and temperature values can be assigned. Beside these main features there is even more available. Please have a look on our website for further details:
    What is the CONVERSE batch option for?
    The batch option allows to proceed several steps automatically in CONVERSE. The user defines the number of steps to be executed. The whole procedure until the export of the mapped information can be done or for example just the import and mapping process to display the mapped situation in CONVERSE again.
    Do my models have to be defined in the exact same position? What if structural and injection molding models are defined in different coordinate systems?
    It is not required. A coordinate transformation option is available for re-position of the source part.
    Can I use several different injection molding results (components) with one structural model (e.g. welded housing)?
    Yes, you can open and close one by one and assign the properties. It just has to be made sure that the target has at least as many element sets or part definitions as you have source components.
    My solver/feature is not supported by CONVERSE. Will it be available in future?
    The work of our developer team is always depending on our customers wishes.
    So please feel free to tell us what comes to your mind at converse@partengineering.com
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