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  1. Hi there, Is it possible to track the distance between a node and a user-defined plane in hyperview? Thanks,
  2. Is it possible to control the number of processors used by the CPU when running a solver based analysis in HyperStudy?
  3. Hi there, Is it possible to define an initial contact between to surfaces in HyperCrash, while running RADIOSS, so that there isn't neither a gap nor an initial penetration? Thanks
  4. Hi there, I m performing a 3-point bending analysis on a beam (L=250mm, Squared Cross-section 30*30) and once I refine my mesh to a certain degree (elements' characteristic length < 0.5mm) I start getting error messages sent by RADIOSS. The first tells me I have initial penetration on my self-impact interface and the second is message error id 22: ShellID ... has 2 identical nodes that are not 3&4. Any idea on how to solve these issues? I ve already tried to decrease the minimum gap for initial impact, but it didn't work. Any help would be great Thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm having some issues with increasing values of hourglass energy. I'm conducting a 3-point bending impact simulation and every time I apply a non uniform mesh to the beam (more refined at the impact area) hourglass energy increases abruptly during initial impact. Any help on how to control this phenomenon? Thanks,
  6. I've figured it out. I had inertial problems due to poor sizing of the structure. The paper I am using considers the section's characteristic length as the inner dimension (to which you add the thickness) and not the average one. The section I was using was then undersized and therefore the bending force the beam was able to sustain was lower. Thanks anyway! Using a more refined mesh is helping me reaching a better solution
  7. The deformation is imposed by the punch's constant velocity
  8. Yes. I've tried from 6mm characteristic length elements until 1mm and the solution appears to be well converged
  9. Hi there, When defining the stress-strain curve for the material (/MAT36), should it be used the true curve or the engineering one? Thanks
  10. Hi there, I m trying to validate a 3 point bending simulation using a paper which presents both numerical and experimental data. I followed the exact same setup but the resultant force I keep getting is always 20% smaller than the one pretended. I've double-checked materials, properties, contacts and boundary conditions and nothing seems to change. I've tried the validation process with different papers and I always get the same problem. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks,
  11. Hi there, Why is it required that a minimum gap for impact activity exists? Why can't it just be 0? And for which reasons should I not use the default settings which calculate the gap based on the element's size? Thanks, Pedro
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