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  1. what is the error in my model, I am unable to find out. Please help me in this. I have attached .hm file A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** See next message about line 14792 from file: C:/Users/Sanjeev/Desktop/sam/transient/with vanes.fem "DLOAD 12 1.0 7 1.0 8 1.0 9" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. with vanes.hm
  2. Dear sir, I want some help in my final year project. Can anybody provide me step by step procedure to setup the model in Acusolve to do the same analysis as shown in this video? I will be very thankful for this.
  3. Hello Sir, I am Sanjeev Kumar, currently pursuing my Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, India. Sir, we are working on a project based on Biomimetics of a butterfly. In this project, we have to analyze the motion of the butterfly while in motion. We have to perform CFD and crash analysis of the butterfly in Altair/LS Dyna as the one shown in the attached GIF.But we don't know this is possible in HyperWorks or not if not can we take help of Ls Dyna.because the major problem we are facing is how to apply motion to the wings of a butterfly and how to apply moving mesh to simulate this. If it is possible then please help me that how can we do this we are unable to find tutorials on the internet. Sir it would be great if you will help. Thanking you in anticipation With warm regards sanjeev kumar sanjeev110795@gmail.com 7030305737
  4. Hello sir please tell me in contact force curve on y -axis what component we have to select .
  5. Ok sir One more doubt Sir for part B in student problem pdf you have given Tstop -0.02s Anim/Dt - 0.2e-4 So it is generating 1000 animation file .is it necessary to generate this much amount of animation file.can we reduce this to 100.
  6. sir if I will enter 50 in value .it will take unit as rpm or I need to convert this in some other unit and what will be the initial condition in this case
  7. Hello sir, I have to apply velocity as 50 rpm, so in property have to select velocity or displacement and in value, if I will enter 50 then will it take in rpm automatically.
  8. yes sir, i have assembled model and select velocity option on revolute joint but Sir where and how to define the magnitude 50 rpm
  9. @Deep please tell me ho to apply 50 rpm rotational motion as input on a rotating body in motion solve
  10. Hello sir, please tell me how to Apply 50 rpm rotational motion on a rotating body in motion solve as input
  11. Hello sir, I have applied transient load condition but now I stuck in output request control card. I want displacement and stress output. please tell me how to get this.
  12. Hello sir, i am trying to combine 3 tload1 using DLOAD card .but it is giving error.
  13. Hello sir, I did this example but i did not get any idea how to apply the same load as done in above video.sir please tell me only the steps to apply same transient load.
  14. Sir plz send me link of that tutorials.i am finding difficulty to get it
  15. Hello sir, please tell me can we model transient response analysis of gang bridge in hyperworks, I am attaching 1 youtube link of that video.please see that and tell me ho to apply that type of loading condition in hyperworks
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