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  1. Please explain me everything about Synthetic Responses. Thanks in advance
  2. Hallo, Thanks for answere. i have one component includes only mesh no geometry? why do i need geometry? it should be element based or ?
  3. Hallo, i have a 1 component with 500 Elements. i would like to do Sizing Optimization. i want to assign different property to each element how to do that ? (offcourse without hand because it take alots of time). Thanks
  4. Hallo Mr. Rahul, i have dowloaded the script from script exchange as you mentioned whiuch is named as (props_&_mats_auto) there are two problems: 1- this does not work to assign property in 1 component to different elements 2- this is done to assign property for different component only. and there is error it does not also work. point 1 is important to me. May you check please and tel me how can i assign different different properties to MANY elements in 1 component Automatically. it takes to much time to do it with hand!. happy to hear from you.
  5. Thank you both. excellent explenation. sorry for replying late!
  6. thsnks alot this is informative and rather simple!
  7. can you please explain more? my Desktop Properties are: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz Ram 16 GB 64 Bit how can i fasten the analysis which tricks can be used rather than modelling tricks?
  8. Hallo Guys, How many CPU is used as Default in Optistruct Simulation?
  9. Thanks for the answere, how do i know how many CPU is used by Optistruct as Default value?
  10. Hallo Mr. tinh, where i can specify this option len 4000. I am using GUI of Optistruct, i have only a memory default. do you mean that? Thanks for your reply. Tamer
  11. Hallo Guys, i have a part with TETRA 1st oreder element optimized the running was quick (20 min) simulation time and it needed low memory, where i have used default value. However i have changed the Element to 2ed Order TETRA to have better results. but the simulation does not run or maybe tooks to long i get a massage with : The amount of memory allocated for the run is 648 MB. This run will use minimum core processing in the solver. What to do???? Thanks in advance
  12. Hallo Mr. Rahul Thank you very much, i didnt thought it is simple as this!! Best Regards from Germany
  13. Hallo Guys, i have strated using Optistruct newly (4 Months). may Problem is as following. i have a component which should not brake at 2 different load one in X direction and in Y direction. for x_direction i should reach a load of 20 KN without fracture, for Y-direction i should reach 15 kN without Fracture. This optimization Problem Need to be solved once with Respekt to the 2 variables. for one variable i can solve it, however for two variables i could not be able doing it. any help is appreciated!!
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