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  1. Dear Tinh!
    I've almost finished my graduation thesis. But i encountered a difficult question :" Why do you mesh by Hypermesh, not Ansys or LSDYNA?"
    I  don't know how to answer it exactly and adequately. Could you give me some suggestion, or some document about this?
    Thank you very much!

  2. Hi everyone! I know this is a forum about Hypermesh but i still decide to post my problem on it because i know many members expertise in LSdyna. After i mesh my model with hypermesh, i import it to LSdyna, set up load, contact,... to simulate a droptest. But when i run the solver, i got this error: Complex sound speed of solid element " I attach my file below. So could anyone take a look and help me solve this error? Thank you all! assemble_0.1mm_mm_s_Pa_K_e-6N____3.k
  3. thank u all, i will try to mesh with hexa element!
  4. but the thickness of my model is <2mm, very thin, as my plan, i will mesh the shell with second order trias element, then use Mesh - Tetra Mesh to make solid, will it be ok???
  5. thank you @Q.NGUYEN-DAI, now i know where i was wrong . I'll try to make my current mesh better. But you know, i am a beginner in Hypermesh, so could you give me some advices, some tools on that, i mean on making finer mesh, thank!
  6. @Q.NGUYEN-DAI, i just run into the same problem, when i deleted 1 element and i want to creat a new element to patch, i could not create any element. when i choose the first 2 nodes, they are highlighted, but when i choose the 3rd nodes, all nodes are not highlighted anymore. so no element was created. I've attached my model below, could u take a look and help me know what exactly the problem is!! Thank you nap_lung_surface_deviation.hm
  7. hi Tinh. I did exactly what u told, but after i choose 3 nodes, there is a message: select mid-side nodes, and after i click Create, there is a message: select conner nodes. And nothing was created Help me!!
  8. hi, everyone i'm a beginner in Hypermesh. Recently, i've encountered a problem in 2D meshing. I have 3 nodes (like in the photo below). I want to create a trias element from them, or creat some lines from them, so i go to Mesh - create - 2D element - Element. I chose those 3 nodes, but no element was created!!! So could anyone tell me where i was wrong and how to fix this, thank you very much!!
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