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  1. Hey Rahul and Prakash, Thank you guys so much, I solved the problem with NLSTAT. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello Rahul, I´ve send you the files in a message since the datas are not allowed to share publicly, can you please check it and give me an answer. Your answer will be very helpful, i apperciate it very much and look forward for it. Best regards, Don
  3. Hi George, Thank you so much for your kind help. I got it partly, but still have another problem, hope you can help me. I have two different conditions as you can see in the first picture below: CASE 1. The distance d between part and stopper is 0, that means at the beginning the part contact with the stopper. I use "contactsurfs" and "interface" in this case, and the analysis was good. CASE 2. The distance d=2mm, and everything else ist the same as case 1, but the the result is not OK, althought I got a result. It seems the 3D part was compressed to a sheet. I do not understand what happend in the Case 2, do i need extra difinition for the contact in case 2? Thank you very much Best regards, Don
  4. Hallo all, I woder how can i analysis the part in this case. the 3D part ist constraint in middle hole in the first 5 DOFs, that means it can be rotaed along Z axial under loads, the force is worked on the right side hole. on the left side there is a stopper, it sppose to be a rigid body and constraint in that position. The question is in this case how can i set up the constrains between the part and the stopper, which Funktion should i use and how? for examples: Interfaces, rigid walls, blocks, contactsurfaces? If anyone could give me some advices or toturials, it would be very heplful and i apperciate it. Thanks a lot Best regards Don
  5. Hello, here is the .out file for analysis and optimisation. Unfortunately the model ist not allowed to share. thanks a lot regards, analysis.out optimisation.out
  6. Hey Prakash, Thank you for your answer. Actually i have already done the optimisation with all DoF constrained in the middle holes, it is ok, i got the result. But for a precise result i need to simulate the real boundary conditions, which only allow a Ratation around Z axis in the middle hole, and then a displacement constrains in X direction in the both side holes. This constrains combination make the part fully constrained. All the DoFs constrained with SPC.See picture below for the coordinaiton. And then came out the error 318, after searching i found that there are almost no explanations aout this error. I am looking forward for further Help regards,
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to carry out an optimzation with optistruct with applied forces and displacement contraints but come across error 318. The attached images show the BCs desired and my settings for the SPCs. During the Analysis step, the process completes without any error but the optimization step returns following error: *** ERROR # 318 *** Static load case 1 has nonzero applied loads & prescribed displacements. Optimization with compliance cannot be performed. Somebody who can guide me about this issue? Thanks for your help, suggestions as well as advice! regards.
  8. Hey tinh, Thank you so much for your replay. I have another question, hope you can help me I know that "Volume fraction = (total volume at current iteration – initial non-design volume)/initial design volume" When I set the volume fraction as constraint, i guess it should be as upper bound, and then which value should I define for it? What is the principle to define the factor of the upper bound, when the constraint is volume fraction? Thanks a lot Best regards, Dong
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to do mass optimisation for a part in Optistruct, but i was confused when i set a responses, there are so many responses, such as "compliance, volume, static displacement, volume fraction“ and so on. I did read some tutorials and guide about the responses, and also the definition of the responses. But its for me is like a general information, i still have no idea which responses should I choose, when i set up my model. It would be very nice if you can introduce me the principle of choosing the responses or share me more specifical examples or tutorials or whatever more to make me clear. Thank you very much Best regards, Dong
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