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  1. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your input, I found the desired button called "Properties" (5th button from the left in the collector toolbar between the graphics area and the lower panel area). The properties assigned to the elements can then be deleted by selecting "assign" on the left, then go to elems: all -> unassign.
  2. Hi, How can you delete properties assigned to the elements? I can't find the Property Collectors Panel in Hypermesh. In the Hypermesh help, it says Location: Property Collectors toolbar button. Thanks in advance, Raphael
  3. Thanks for your input, the model now works as desired.
  4. Hi, After doing the HyperMesh morphing tutorials and the Optistruct shape optimization tutorials, I created a shape optimization file on my own. It consists of a cylindrical cantilever which is loaded sideways at the free end. The goal is to find an optimized cross section. The inner part remains unchanged, for the outer part (connected using equivalence) three different shapes are defined (elliptical morphing along x, along y and circular stretching). When minimizing the volume of the cantilever while limiting the stress in z-direction, the expected elliptical cross section results and the optimization constraint is fulfilled: Shape_opt_stress_constr.hm When limiting the displacement in load direction at the end of the cantilever, the cross section shrinks to a circle of minimum diameter and the displacement is much larger than the specified 0.15. Shape_opt_disp_constr.hm Isn't it possible to use displacement dconstraints for shape optimization? The solver (Optistruct) doesn't recognise the constraint violation and minimizes the volume to the extreme, leading to very high displacements. Thanks in advance for any inputs.
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