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  1. Hi, I am trying to create a GUI with two collectors on it in Hyperview. One to choose elements and the other is to choose a system. It's possible to write the GUI but I was unable to choose both entity types. For example, I clicked to the element collector and was able to choose elements. Then I hit the system collector, all elements I selected are discarded from the element collector. I tried to puts entities into different lists, use different frames as the function called for collectors. However, no use. Is there anyone can help me with this
  2. Toan Nguyen

    Element normal in Hyperview

    Hi Tinh, I found that with OptiStruct Solver, to match with the system review tool in HV, it must be N1N3xN2N4. Thank for useful suggestion
  3. Toan Nguyen

    Element normal in Hyperview

    Hi Tinh, Seem like I get it correctly, still wonder why the elemental system displayed by system review tool does not have the z-direction same with the element normal
  4. Hi, does anyone know how the element normal is calculated in Hyperview ??? I get the element normal from the Querry and use these values to create a user system. However, it looks a bit different from the elemental system displayed when I used the system review. Really wonder how it could be possible
  5. Toan Nguyen

    Fatigue Analysis with MBD recovery

    Hi Rahul, I figure out by myself. An element set should be defined with directinputmatrix method and all DIMG checked box
  6. Toan Nguyen

    Fatigue Analysis with MBD recovery

    Hi Rahul, My OptiStruct solver version is 2017.2.5 I don' really understand about the continuation line. below is how I define properties for elements with EL2PROP. Still got the error Attached file is the new FEM file. If possible, could you please provide me a correct example of using MBD result for Fatigue analysis?/ BC2.fem
  7. hi, I am trying to recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis. For now, I could recover MBD result for Transient Analysis but still unable to use these result for Fatigue Analysis. I used EL2PROP to assign the property to the set elements in flexible body h3d file. Besides the assigned data from .h3d file and .mrf file, the model only contains load collectors, materials, properties and loadsteps enough for the analysis. However, the file still could not be run and returned the error as in the picture below. No elements and nodes should not be included in the recovery run so I could not create element sets. Attached is the FEM file. Appreciate your help BC.fem
  8. OK. let me check and revert back later
  9. I am able to get the normal direction of the element, nodal coordinates, centroid coordinates. I used these values to calculate the direction for the system. The result is as above. If I need to adjust z, I don't know how much should I change, where can I find out the value for the adjustment
  10. hi Tinh, Actually, I tried that method. But it didn't work. there is something weird in system calculation in HyperView. Below is the output of my macro. there is a slight difference between my output system and the expected result. This difference becomes more significant when the warpage is large
  11. hi, I am looking for a solution to get information about the elemental system of a specific element. I know it is possible to review the elemental system. but I need detail information like origin coordinates, axis components, etc... Is there any command or any method to get these data?? appreciate your help!
  12. Toan Nguyen

    Hole mates detection

    hi Tinh, I tried several parameters but none of them affect the distance during the hole detection. I used another method by adding some mathematical algorithm, but it is a relative solution. I think there must be some issue with the command. I will ask Altair about this
  13. Toan Nguyen

    Hole mates detection

    hi Tinh, That's easy if hole mates contain only two holes. In my case, the number of hole in each mate may vary up to 4. The returned information of hole mates only contains the max distance of the mates. Still true that the task still can be done by getting the center of holes information, but that means too many things in a loop. besides, the number of mates may be up to 100. So I am trying to find the best solution for this
  14. hi, I am trying to write a hole mates detection tool. Below is the main code I used hm_holedetectioninit *createmark elems 1 "displayed" hm_holedetectionsetentities elems 1 hm_holedetectionsetholeparams hole_shape=31 hm_holedetectionfindholes 1 hm_holedetectionfindmates max_distance=10 hm_holedetectiongetmatedetails 1 As you can see, I used option "max_distance" to limit the maximum distance between holes in a mate to be found. The code run without any issue. The problem is the returned result includes hole mates with the distance > 10. Even when I tried to translate the mesh to make the distance much greater, the program still returned that hole mate. The left hole mate has distance=40, the right one has distance=10. Both are identified as hole mates with option max_distance=10 Am I doing anything wrong code??. Appreciate your help!
  15. Hi Jadhavsw, Kindly upload your model. That is more convenient for us to check