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  1. Toan Nguyen

    SPC with curve

    Thank you very much for your help
  2. Toan Nguyen

    SPC with curve

    Hi, May I know how the curve based value in constraint panel works?? What is it used for ??
  3. Toan Nguyen

    Hyperworks 2018

    For now, HW Solver has 2018 version, but HW Desktop is still 2017 version
  4. Toan Nguyen

    Mean stress correction

    Thank you, Prakash
  5. Toan Nguyen

    Mean stress correction

    Hi Prakash, Any update on this??
  6. Toan Nguyen

    Mean stress correction

    Hi Prakash, If I defined the GOODMAN as my mean stress correction method in FATPARM and also define FKMMS in MATFAT, does that mean both these correction methods are used during the analysis ??
  7. Toan Nguyen

    Mean stress correction

    Hi Prakash, this is where I am not really clear about. If I already have SRI1, b1, and NC1 (for 1 segment SN curve), why do I need FKMMMS. In my opinion, Those three parameters are enough to define an SN curve, right ???
  8. Toan Nguyen

    Mean stress correction

    Hi, I have a question about FKMMMS in MATFAT. It said that this number is used to calculate the fully reserved fatigue strength and then corrected value is used to choose the SN curve. Does it mean that the SN curve is defined again after the stress calculation??? I really don't get it so well
  9. Toan Nguyen

    Fatigue - Transient Response Analysis

    Thank you, Prakash. I thought the same way.
  10. Hi, I know that it is possible to use Transient Response Analysis as an input for Fatigue Analysis. In many cases, I can see people usually tend to apply magnitude load for EXCITED in TLOAD1 as a peak load and keep the scale number in TABLED1 below 1. Is there any difference if I don't do that. for example, in case I apply EXCITED force as 1N and input my TABLED1 as data of Force vs Time, will affect the result ?? And if not, why in so many cases, people try to keep the data in TABLED1 below 1. Is there any specific reason for this??
  11. Toan Nguyen

    Proceed instantly

    Hi Tinh, Thank you very much for your instruction
  12. Toan Nguyen

    Modeling latch mechanism

    Hi, In my opinion, You only need to activate the fixed joint. Deactivate the revolute joint seem inappropriate to me. If you worry about the over-constraint issue, try to use in-plane joint instead. About the initial position problem, Glad to know you fixed it. Just for your reference, If you want to restrain the displacement of joints in a certain range, try to use Bistop function in expression.
  13. Toan Nguyen

    Proceed instantly

    Actually, My task is quite simple: just show the id of the node right after choosing it so I think the problem you said does not matter so much in my case. However, I agree with you about the wrong entity selection possibility in HM
  14. Hi, I knew that entities could be selected interactively with *createmarkpanel, but I want to execute the command right after I choose an entity without clicking to proceed button. Is there any way to do that ??
  15. Toan Nguyen

    Modeling latch mechanism

    hi, the convergence issues are caused by different reason from inappropriate setup to non-physical behavior or flexible body out of linear range. Base on what I understand about your problem, I think you need to avoid the non-physical behavior and friction. switching on or off a joint actually does not affect the convergence issues so much.