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  1. sumit426 liked a post in a topic by santhosh bhandari in springback procedure & results   
    Hi Sumit,
    Can you share the *.hf file or the *.rad file which you have used for running springback ?
    i can help you further.
  2. sumit426 liked a post in a topic by vipin sakhare in hyperform input blank formation between first draw and restrike tool   
    hello sumit,
    you can use the .sta file as blank input for the second draw/restrike tool.
    (you can get .sta file after successfully completion of incremental analysis for first draw)
  3. sumit426 liked a post in a topic by kpavan in Hot Forming Process   
    Hi Sumit,
    the meshing requirements for Hot stamping process is same as for cold forming. Make sure you mesh the blank with quads only mesh. all the features in the tools have to be captures well. Attached is the video for set up of hot forming. Just drag and drop teh attached file to any web browser. it should play automatically.
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