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  1. I was trying to do a NLSTAT problem with foams (Primarily Pretension of bolts and then shrink of Foams ). But could not find any option to create materials with Hyperfoam capability like in Abaqus. Is that option available in OptiStruct for NLSTAT analysis ?
  2. Hi, I am performing a thermal analysis with ambient temp at 25 and temp loading at -40 along with Gravity loading in Z direction. I have been able to run Gravity loading with Grav card and individual load case. And thermal loading with TEMPD in for -40 and 25 and creating loadcase with TEMP being ambient temp and TEMP_LOAD being loading temp of -40. I would like to see combined effect of gravity and temp as loads !!1 Any suggestion would be helpful. Note: This is a full vehicle and SPC is PARAM, AUTOSPC.
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