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  1. Hello Zhwang. The image Shown is not completely emphasizing the issue. But I This the the Nodes that you have shown are Mid nodes, Because of the Change in the order in the Tetra Mesh ,Maybe. I can think at this point these : 1. What is the order of the tetra meshes before and after Optimization ? It may eat or add nodes from 1st order to 2nd order. 2. Kindly track the node numbers as Hypermesh adds Fictious ones. 3. I have observed that to anchor the nodes to the geometry and check it before meshing. As we had these issues in the past. You are welcome to share the model. I would like to learn by understanding the problem. Cheers Girish
  2. Hello Dear all. I am in need of a quick tip and should be an easy one for the experts in the group. I have attached the image of the mechanism that i am trying to solve. Is a simple inversion of the 4 bar mechanisim- Whit worth Quick Return Mechanism. The DOF are balanced perfectly with combination of the joints . I present the summary of the checker log: Number of (non-ground) Bodies : 7 Number of original Degrees of freedom : 42 Degrees of freedom removed by motions : 1 Degrees of freedom removed by couplers : 0 Degrees of freedom removed by Joints : 41 Degrees of freedom removed by ADV Joints : 0 Total estimated DOF not counting redundant constraints : 0 The Positive Redundant DOF is being removed by the applied velocity of 10 rad/sec. So what is the issue ? 1. I would like to understand the error given by the solver " The Intergrator Failed to proceed after 1.005 Sec " ? Why and how to make it continue. 2. Proper documentation to understand the " Simulation setting "- DSTIFF,VSTIFF, etc....? What are the values ? 2. The tolerance that i need to set for the analysis to continue ? How to decide I am available to have discussion at you best possible time over the forum or I can get in touch with a long call at my mobile. This is an urgent requirement as I have to compare the results with the Hand calcs that our team has done. I hope a reply and assistance at the earliest. Thank you for your time . Please feel to discuss anything regarding Hyperworks ( Except Motion Solve, I am a Noob!). I am an user of altair products for over 5 yrs, is a pleasure to mutually help. Regards Girish +34632975619 QRR.mvw April_13.log
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