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  1. Hello....Could anyone help me here Why do I get this error when I am trying to introduce an elasto plastic material using the process explained. There were 2 error messages during input processing. The first message is repeated below: *** See next message about line 368808 from file: C:/Temp/Tank/KW 32/Dienstag/09.08_Elasto Plastic material_Gummi/09.08_Elasto_Plastic_Material_G "SURF 69ELFACE" Syntax error(s) found in bulk data 'SURF' Card. Regards
  2. Hello I have a fairly huge Tank model (Contacts with NL Quasi static Analysis) and takes a lot of time to solve . I would like to accelerate the solver by increasing the Memory Options (upper Limit in MB) and number of cores (with -ncpu 4 in Options) but when I run a check it Shows "Number of CPU Processors:1" in the .out file Am I missing out anything???
  3. Hello Everyone, Currently we have designed a Tank (Thin surface - Topography Optimization) in CATIA V5 and want to optimize it. Is there any method that will facilitate automatic changes in the model without requiring to make changes manually in CATIA V5 after Optimization. A part of my Project is to investigate a method that will automate design optimization with CATIA V5. In the Altair Website I have found a method (http://de.slideshare.net/AltairHTC/s15-hs-zwickau) but not sure on how to apply it. Any further sugestion would be really helpful. Thank you in advance
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