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  1. The loads are applied on the nodes through an fem file that was exported from Flux software. The loads are frequency based loads. Each node has several loads associated with it based upon the frequency.
  2. Rahul, I had uploaded the file.
  3. Prasanna, Thanks for that option. However, pl fid attached image. The ID getting displayed is different from the one in the model tree.
  4. In HM model, how to display the load collectors' IDs besides the node.? This is needed in order to determine the load applied at each nodes.
  5. Hi, I think I have not made the question clear. The option you had suggested highlights the total count of loads. My requirement is to determine the sum of magnitudes of the displayed loads (eg. 1000N or 250 N etc.)
  6. Pl confirm whether you had received this time. I had sent to prasanna.kurhatkar@altair.com. Pl check the junk folder too.
  7. I am solving a frequency response simulation. The loads that are frequency dependent are mapped on to the ID surface, as shown in fig. How to determine the sum of the displayed loads as shown in figure.?
  8. Hi Prasanna, I have sent the FTP link to your e-mail. Pl download the file from there. Regards, Karthik
  9. Hi, I am trying to share the file in the drop box link. It is around 65 MB. But you drop box size limit is displayed as 48 MB only?
  10. While solving an acoustic simulation of a motor assembly, why is there a negative ERP is being resulted?
  11. On solving a NVH analysis, the ERP value is being shown in negative. How can this be understood?
  12. Hi Pranav, I ensured now that the label loads parameter is checked. But, it is displaying only the label 123 as earlier. To add in detail: These loads were imported from Altair Flux. In my case, for a single node, the load value differs for each of the frequencies incorporated in the model. That might be the case, the load value is not getting displayed!? Karth
  13. Hello Pranav, Thanks for your reply. But, I would like to view the magnitude of the applied forces? As you could see in the image, the load symbol is visible in Hypermesh. I am able to isolate the load. But don't know how to view the magnitude of it? Karth
  14. In a model, how to view the magnitude of the applied loads based on selected nodes?
  15. But, in the model that is being simulated, it is a clear "one to one contact" and no possibility of self contact that could occur. In that case how to correct this error.?
  16. While defining a contact using csurf and interfaces options and solving the frf analysis, the following error message is being displayed. Undefined SET SSID on CONTACT 45. What does it mean? MSID and SSID both have been defined using csurf option.
  17. Pl find attached 2 snapshots of material details from 2 different files. Why is the material details not getting displayed in one of the files?
  18. What are the ways to simulate an insert mould component? Typical component consists of a steel insert inside a plastic mould. Hence, a considerable amount (more than 10 mm thickness) of interference would be seen in the assembly. Is there a way to perform simulation for such a kind in Altair? Regards, Karthik
  19. Hi, It happens for a particular component among the many. As can be seen from the pic, the 3D elements are created within the component only. Do I still need to clear the setting files (How to do it?)? Regards, Karthik
  20. On performing a 3D mesh after 2D, the message displays zero nodes and 2340 elements are created. What is the meaning of this? Attached snapshot. Regards, Karthik
  21. The csv data displays a diff value when compared to the plot. For example for 333 Hz, 70 db is there in the plot, whereas the csv data yields 0? Regards, Karthik
  22. Thanks. I am able to get it. Is there a way to obtain the numerical values for the graph data? Regards, Karthik
  23. Hi Rahul, Snapshot attached already in edit. Version 2017.
  24. In Hypergraph, is there a limitation for the no. of nodes to be selected for plotting the magnitude of ERP output. Attached the snapshot and highlighted the region for understanding. Total nodes in model = 600000 No, of node lists shown = N1 to N131559 Regards, Karthik
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