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  1. Hi George, I have modelled using spotwelds only where I choose element type as RBODY.
  2. Hi all, I am performing an Impact analysis and I have few components which I have connected using 1D element as shown in the picture. However after the analysis these connections look very different . The elements have got dragged. Can someone tell me what is wrong?? Thanks, Datta
  3. Hi, If after I create a Pressure load using surfaces option I have gone to loads on geometry and mapped the loads. My question is after this do we have to delete the loads that we created on the surface? Thanks, Datta
  4. Thank you George. So can we conclude that in Radioss RBE2 and RBODY have the same effect?
  5. Thank you for the reply George, So when you say transfer of load is possible what do you mean? Does it work like similar to RBE2? Suppose I apply 100N load on the green component in the picture, will 100N be transferred to the blue? Thanks, Datta
  6. Hi, I am getting these warnings, Can someone please tell me what may be wrong and how to correct it. 1) WARNING ID : 183 ** WARNING IN HIERARCHY (PART TO SUBSET ID) DESCRIPTION : -- PART ID : 1 -- PART TITLE : rubberpad REFERS TO UNEXISTING SUBSET ID=75 2) WARNING ID : 692 ** WARNING IN SURFACE DEFINITION DESCRIPTION : THE SURFACE ID=5508 IS EMPTY Thanks, Datta
  7. Hi all, If I connect two components by the RIGID panel using the RBODY element. I wanted to know how the load transfer takes place. Suppose I apply load to one component will the entire load be transferred to the other component? Thanks, Datta
  8. Hi George, Thank you for answering. I wanted to know how the load transfer works in the case of Type 2 and Type 7 interface. I could not find in the manual. In both the interfaces does the load transfer takes place from the slave surface to the master surface or the other way ? Thanks, Datta
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    Hi, I am trying to simulate contact for performing frontal crash analysis of a chassis having a tank. I have a tank which is wrapped by two brackets and supported by rubber. This bracket is welded to a chassis. I need to create contact for the following- 1) Between tank and bracket. 2) Between rubber and bracket. 3) Between rubber and tank. It is attached to chassis as follows- I know that I need to create Interface. Please tell me for each case which Type interface should be used and which should be selected as master and slave? Thank you, Datta
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    If I want to connect two components can I use components to select in the rigid panel? Thanks, Datta
  11. Ok will check that, Thank you George.
  12. Thank you George and Rahul for the reply. I went through the Tutorial and the ebook, but I could not find an answer for the same. I want to know which one to use, because I am really stuck at this. Please help me!
  13. Thank you George and gopal_rathore for the reply. In my Energy plot total energy is increasing, which should not happen. I am attaching the out files can you please check and tell me what is possibly wrong?? geometryfiletomeshinmm_hm_crash_10mm.criteria_crash_10mm.param_0000.out geometryfiletomeshinmm_hm_crash_10mm.criteria_crash_10mm.param_0001.out geometryfiletomeshinmm_hm_crash_10mm.criteria_crash_10mm.param_0000.rad
  14. Hi, In my model Error is continuously increasing, can you please tell what may be possibly wrong?? Thanks, Datta
  15. Hi, I used batch mesher to mesh a huge model having various components. In the generated quality report, it said there are three unmeshed surfaces. Is there any way to know which are these surfaces in the meshed model? Thanks, Datta
  16. Thank you for the reply George, but when I use PROP/TYPE13 I am very confused about the parameters I have to use. Please could you tell me what parameters I should input?
  17. Hello George, If I use Spring to model Rigids, what should the property be? And should it be Part Card for the component where the springs are?
  18. Hi, I have a question on spotweld connectors. I have the following two components with shell mesh. I have a hard time choosing which option to use in spotweld. Pls help me. Please explain which one we should use and when? 1) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- find nearest nodes 2) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- project and find nodes 3) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- ensure projection 4) Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- remesh 5) Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- smooth 6) Mesh Dependent - quad transition- imprint 7) Mesh Dependent - quad transition- skip imprint Which method is good and if I use different methods will I get different results? I have used (Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- remesh) but then I feel that when I do this because of remesh my elements become smaller and fail in quality. Thanks, Datta
  19. Hi, How to calculate the no of elements after the simulation on hyperview. I want to know in my simulation if any element has been deleted.
  20. Hi, Is there non linear adaptive meshing in hypermesh, like in ANSYS? For instance if the model goes through impact is it possible that the software re meshes the region with a finer mesh to accommodate new geometry?
  21. George, could you please share some tutorial for this?
  22. Thank you for the info George. I watched the video, its little confusing. Do you have any pdf where similar cases like this has been done? I also want to know what happens if I do not use remesh option while doing the connectors and instead use project and find nodes? Will it cause any difference?
  23. Hi bongirs, I am a student working on academic projects. For my problem I get different results when I use inch/lb and when I use mm/ton. I feel there is some problem with radioss with the units. It would be really helpful if the Radioss team deals with this problem. Thanks, Datta
  24. Hello, I am working on crash analysis of a truck chassis on radioss. In my crash analysis project till day I have been connecting two components using the 1D spotweld panel. I just wanted to know if I am doing it right. I go to the 1D spot weld panel, and I choose the nodes of the edge one component and then I select both components. I use re mesh option and create. I wanted to know if this method is good? One thing I have noticed is that after creating the RBODY, my mesh gets changed and lot of elements fail because of the re mesh option I use. I also get like 1000's of warnings after I run my model on RADIOSS (attached picture). I wanted to know whether the technique I am using is a good practice or is there is any better way for the same. Thank you, Datta
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