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  1. there is some distance between punch and die; this distance is defined as distance = sheet thickness + x where, x is the clearance between the tool which is required for easy flow of material inside the die so as to get better results. this clearance is measured in terms of % of sheet thickness.
  2. hello everyone, I want to do the incremental analysis for multilayer components, for this i want to create the composite material that will suit to analysis. so please do the needful.
  3. hello sumit, you can use the .sta file as blank input for the second draw/restrike tool. (you can get .sta file after successfully completion of incremental analysis for first draw)
  4. hi sachin, one step analysis is used to get blank form formed component; while incremental analysis is used to do forming analysis of tool ith the help of tooling elements (i.e punch,die,binder, support)
  5. hi everyone when i am trying to view the result of forming simulation (i.e for thinning); there is one option AVERAGING METHOD. while taking simple it shows different results values and while I keep it as none i got different result values. so i need to know why this happens and what it is averaging method and what is the effect of it on result.
  6. sir you sent this snapshot regarding drawbeads and binder force, but I need tonnage of ram (machine stroke), I think this may be calculated in hypergraph.
  7. hi sir can you please tell me, how to calculate required ram pressure for incremental analysis

  8. Good afternoon, I have done with radioss incremental analysis. but I want to to required ram tonnage. please help mi in this regard. thank you in advance
  9. sir I didn't get what exactly is the pre contact case
  10. good afternoon, I have done with radioss incremental analysis, now I want to calculate ram tonnage required for the specific operation. so please help me in this regard. thank you in advance
  11. I need help to solve the below listed error. please reply as soon possible as ERROR.txt
  12. 1)check the clearance between punch and die. it should be more than sheet thickness 2) check for penetration
  13. first you need to import the blank geometry. the imported geometry will be in lines shape. create surface from the lines then you can do meshing to it.
  14. hi sir i am facing some kind of error during incremental analysis.

    so i need your help in this regard.

    please help mi sir


  15. hi sir i get the result of springback in magnitude, but what is the unit of this magnitude?
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