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  1. Ariane Rebelato

    spring-damper model

    Hello, could anyone help me to create the mass-spring-damper models in optistruct?
  2. Ariane Rebelato

    Transient Analysis

    To evaluate the response of a structure submitted to a periodic sine wave force in the time domain, can I define the OptiStruct loadstep as "transient direct"? Does "transient direct" and "transient modal" differ in computational cost only?
  3. Ariane Rebelato

    FRF in rectangular coordinates

    Hello, When I do the FRF analysis and visualize the responses in Hypergraph they appear as magnitude and phase, how can I get these answers in rectangular coordinates (real and imaginary) directly?
  4. Ariane Rebelato

    Element equivalent to 2D Bernoulli-Euler

  5. Ariane Rebelato

    Element equivalent to 2D Bernoulli-Euler

    I'm using Optistruct, It would be for 2D beam.
  6. Hello, I would like to know the equivalent element of 2D Bernoulli-Euler in Hypermesh?
  7. Thanks, but in fact it would be in the HyperGraph part of my doubt. When I have a 17-node model, the FRF response in HyperGraph is divided by nodes, so I have 17 answers and I have to save one by one because if I select all to export to csv file it stays one underneath the other and I would like they were in columns so I could extract the data I need more easily. And I also wish they could be saved at once but in different files, as if I were creating a code to extract each response from each node, but all at once.
  8. For example, I'm doing a frf on a 17-node model and I want to get the magnitude-and-phase response separated by columns and by nodes from all nodes, how do I create a pattern to just run it without having to extract the answer node by node? For models with more elements this takes a lot of time.
  9. Ariane Rebelato

    FRF as complex number

    Thank you Rahul! How to export the results in fomart of list of csv file? I didn't find this option in HyperView, only in HyperGraph, or how it would be done in HyperGraph to obtain the answers in this complex format?
  10. Ariane Rebelato

    FRF as complex number

    Hi, I'm doing FRF direct with OptiStruct. When I extract the answers in HyperGraph, the magnitude and phase appear separately, how can I get this answer as a complex number?
  11. Ariane Rebelato

    Revolute Joint

    Thanks! But I'm working with OptiStruct, Is the procedure the same?
  12. Ariane Rebelato

    Revolute Joint

    Can I model a revolute joint with HyperMesh? If so, how to do this? Does any tutorial show this?
  13. Hello, I would like to know how I can simulate/model a mass-spring-damper system in HyperMesh to do a dynamic analysis and get system responses and FRF in acceleration?
  14. Ariane Rebelato

    Export files

    Thanks, but I don't want to get the answers in pairs, this is what happens now, I want to get the response point-to-point. I'll look at the file.
  15. Ariane Rebelato

    Export files

    I'm sorry, my version is 14. It's because I started using last year and downloaded the latest version that was available at the time.