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  1. Thanks, but in fact it would be in the HyperGraph part of my doubt. When I have a 17-node model, the FRF response in HyperGraph is divided by nodes, so I have 17 answers and I have to save one by one because if I select all to export to csv file it stays one underneath the other and I would like they were in columns so I could extract the data I need more easily. And I also wish they could be saved at once but in different files, as if I were creating a code to extract each response from each node, but all at once. 

  2. Hello,

    I am doing an analysis with 130,000 points in hyperworks (FRF and Transient) and when I open in Hypergrah and try to save in csv (excel) excel file does not show me point to point but up to 65,000 only, ie it is grouping a Response in pairs. How could I save the 130,000 points?

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