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  1. Hello , I am doing the structural analysis of the disc and i need to apply forces on a particular area ( where the calliper is attached) again and again with different element sizes. I want to enquire is there a way so that i can simply select the area (maybe a predefined surface or something ) and the software can pick up nodes in that particular area? Thanks
  2. How do I know the convergence of mesh size in my model? Is there a method to know if the mesh has converged?
  3. Sir, I have checked the duplicate surfaces, there weren't any. I wanted to enquire if these edges can create a problem in subsequent steps of analysis?
  4. How do I remove the non mainfold edges (Yellow coloured ) from my model? If I don't remove them what problem are bound to exist? P.S. There aren't any duplicate surfaces as checked by Geometry - Defeature- Duplicates
  5. Please tell me the resource using which i can topologically optimize my suspension Upright / knuckle
  6. This is a basic analysis of Control arm under SPC, Braking, Pothole, corner conditions. Please respond under this set of considerations, Sorry for the incomplete inputs previously . Thanks
  7. In one of the tutorials of Optistruct given by Hyperworks, i found the boundary constraint on the right bushing to be constraining the dofs 2 and 3 . I feel all the three translational degrees of freedom be constrained like the first one. Please explain in reference to image attached . Thanks
  8. I want to know what this highlighted portion shows ? (I have attached the relevant photo) I was editing the geometry using Optistruct as the solver
  9. Hello! I have this problem of not getting the h3d file. After meshing my component and applying the MPCLL , I went for the free free run and then i got the message ANALYSIS COMPLETED Then when i went on for RESULTS , I got this (attachment attached) message stating "UNABLE TO LOCATE .H3D MODEL FILE" Please help me in this context .
  10. I am meshing my steering knuckle in the hypermesh with user profile as Optistruct. When i go for elements check up , i find a few hundred elements failingin the tet collapse domain. How do i correct them ?
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