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  1. Some new problems. I'm confused wht is going wrong...
  2. I forgot to delete them, thanks. But I have still the same error It looks like there something wrong with the boundary conditions.
  3. Perhaps somebody can help me with the model. I got some error messages with the Boundary Conditions from Radioss if I'm running the model but I do not know where it comes from. Thanks a lot. model_final.hm
  4. Thanks, I don't know why but now it was also working I think I didn't give enough time. Thank you very much
  5. Who knows. Lets try something new. At the project I loaded both in it. The Problem is the the model of the outside, if I try to create a volume mesh it is crashing therefore I think there are some problem with the mesh. Best, Max tooth_model.hm
  6. Ok then a second. Now are ne newest version inside. tooth_test_2.stl pdl_test.stl
  7. Hey you are showin just the tooth model without the second one. Right? Best, Max
  8. The problem are the contact surfaces of both the program says that they have some penetrations. And also for the PDL test the triangles on the where you can look inside are realy small. I wnat want to equivalence the contacting sorfaces of both parts that I can estimate the loading rtansmission into the different parts. Any ideas how to fix it? The attached picture shows the problematic regions I think. Do you have any ideas? Best, Max
  9. Sure and thanks pdl_test.stl tooth_test.stl
  10. Thanks! But than I have the problem that are the shape of both are a little bit chaning and after this they don't fit togehter what mens that they have penetration in each other. How can I fix this problem that they have perfecting matching surfaces?
  11. Hey! This is a real simplification of a tooth and we trying some loading scenarios with different shapes. Best, Max
  12. Hey, A longer time I didn't work with Hypermesh and now I don't know how create a mesh of the attached models. The tooth ft in the PDL and I just want it as the attached picture (capture). But I have problems with the triangle size and test them both togehter. Can you help me with that? tooth.stl pdl.stl
  13. Sorry for the delay but I was very busy with my project and I couldn't find a soluation still for the problem with the matching surfaces. I will attach the two parts and eventually you can help and give me some advises how I can fix it. These are parts of a tooth dentin and enamel and they are driectly connected to each other, that means for a simulation in hypercrash I need complete fitted surfaces between the two parts that I have no Intersection between them. I already tried the equivalence tool but it didn't work for this structure. Is there eventually another option? Thanks for your help. Best Max dentin.stl enamel.stl
  14. Hey, thank you for you answering. Yes there are two shrinked wrap meshes. And for a further simulation it is necessary to fit the the different surfaces, that they all have the same nodes. Do you know what i mean? If you look at the picture there is a yellow circle with two surfaces. Inned it to match them together. Is it now clearer? I mean something like equivalence surfaces but for a bigger distance between surfaces, because with these complex shapes equivalence is not the best option. Thank you very much.
  15. How can I produce perfect matching surfaces (red and blue) especially for biological data like at the photo. I wanna use it for a crash simulation. Thank you very much.
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