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  1. Hi everybody, I need to apply viscous damping properties (function of frequency) in a material card, to carry out a modal FRF. It's seems to be not possible. I don't find any help or suggestion on forum. Please help me. Thank you in advance. Regards
  2. Hi, I have to create a shell model of a sandwich composed by: aluminium panel 3 mm thickness polymeric material 0.13 mm thickness aluminium plate 1 mm thickness I already create the shell model of the 3 mm alu panel, so to create the other layer i use the elem offset panel in 2d mesh, but i'm not sure that the layer are sticking together. Could someone show me how to be sure of it? Is it necessary to make nodes equivalence? Thank you really much Best Regards Andrea
  3. Hi, i have to carry out a modal frequency response analysis with optistruct. I need to study the acceleration FRF of 3 nodes on a panel (with an impulse force applied) in a range 50-5000 Hz. I create the EIGRL card with V1=0 and V2=6500, supposing to use the 30% more of the upper value needed for the FRF. My problem is that this process take a lot of time, i suppose because of the high number of mode to compute. Since my geometry doesn't change, but i have to change just the load, can i carry out the modal analysis, once for all, and then link the results obtained to the FRF analysis? In order to not calculate every time the mode and save time. Thanks for support.
  4. Hi, I would perform an Impact Hammer Test on a panel and plot acceleration in some points of that. I don't know if i'm right following the frequency response tutorial (i'm not sure if use modal or direct method), so i have 2 question: 1. How can i model (if possible) the load as an impulse? 2. I have the damping loss factor function the frequency of the material. How can I input this on the model? Thanks for answering.
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