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  1. Okay thanks guys. That sounds good. How do I do the 2D mesh with the defined nodes?
  2. Hey guys, is there any Chance to build a mesh in a Cube with user defined Nodes. I want to do a electromagnetic Simulation and Need the results in some exact, by me defined nodes. In Detail I want to mesh the Cube, refine the mesh in the middel (where the coil will be) with a refinement box and finally want to plot the results of an Magnetic field at definite coordinates (here I want to have the defined nodes). Thank you!
  3. It should look something like the mesh in the Screeshot but in a continuous way. There I just splitted them. I use PARDISO 5 solver.
  4. Hey Guy, hope you can help me I got a quick question about meshing a volume. Think about a cube with equal face sizes. Now I want to mesh this thing with a "Quads only" mesh. Important is that the mesh becomes finer and finer to the middle point of the volume. Is there any easy way without Splitting up the cube? I already tried to split up the cube and use the bias function on the edge of every quater of the cube. Unfortunately the results of my Simulation were quite bad. PS: I'm simulating some electromagnetic Problems an I want good results near the coil in the middle. Thank you guys!
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