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  1. Hello George, Thanks a lot. But why am I not able to select USRi in /ANIM/BRICK/ output card ? Regards Avi
  2. Hello everyone! Why am I not able to see new engine keywords introduced in RADIOSS 140 For Eg, /ANIM/BRICK/TDEL, etc. ? Secondly, How do i see the output of user defined law in /ANIM/BRICK/ ? As per the manual I should be able to select USRi - Variable of user law (i =1 to 18) but unfortunately its not visible in my /ANIM/BRICK/ output card. Can someone please guide me through this ? Thank you very much. Regards Avi
  3. Could u please share the output cards in radioss necessary to visualize the crack formation in the elements (phantom elements) ? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thank you very much but unfortunately I am not able to import it in Hyperworks 14. It shows "the file being opend for reading doesn't exist". On the other hand, it perfectly opens in HW 13. But then i do not get any output results (for eg. the drop test). Could you please help me out with this?
  5. Okay but could please share any example models where XFEM has been implemented ? would really appreciate it.
  6. Yes, i would like to analyze crack propagation in fiber and matrix of the composite structures (at the micro scale) by applying different loading conditions. I would like to proceed by defining different material property for fiber and matrix and observe how and where the crack is initiated and the path taken by it. I have alreadycreated a simple RVE (representative volume element) model.
  7. i have also installed hyperwork 14.0 . Please guide me through some basic steps.
  8. I am using Hyperworks 13.0 Regards Avijit R
  9. Hi all I would like to implement XFEM failure criteria into an RVE model. Could someone please send me the basic steps or the necessary output cards required for a successful implementation of the failure criteria? Thank you !
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