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  1. Hello all, I am stuck up with the results visualization in acufield view.I have a log file but unable to extract plot in acufield view.It is showing error "internal software error". Please guide, how to resolve. Refer the attachment.
  2. Hello all, I have been trying to model two fans together, for which i have created two seperate volumes for each fan.with seperate outlets. It is giving error as" element set Air Volume has already been assigned a component therby terminating the run .Please refer attachment. Green color: Air Volume Others two are seperate volume for two fans Please help.
  3. Thank you abinash Regards Tutulika
  4. Hello Abinash, I also have one simulation requirement involving multiphase that is from liquid to vapour and reverse. This is used in heat pipes for cooling or say thermal management of PCBs. This is new feature in acusolve2017. I need some tutorials or any case study of the same if available. Regards, Tutulika
  5. Hello all, I am doing CFD analysis of an electronic cabinet having 2 radial fans. Meshing is successfully done. But when I am trying to refine my volume mesh following error is being displayed " could not parse file". I have done surface meshing in hypermesh. For volume meshing in acusolve I have taken mesh size as relative with value of 0.125 . Now when I am trying to refine only air volume mesh with again relative mesh size of 0.008 it is giving error in generating mesh. Please help.
  6. Hello all, in this analysis of cold plate . I have fins inside the fluid domain and outside the cold plate. If inside and outside fins are treated as thermal shells in acusolve then in hypermesh the elements of fins will be in which collector: fluid collector or coldplate solid collector? As in pic you can see the placement of inside fins and outside fins. Blue colour is the fluid domain and grey colour is coldplate material
  7. Thank you ydigit for the solution. I have successfully separated the fluid and solid surfaces and by using surface manager assigned the related surface.
  8. Hello Niranjan , you can try exporting the .hm file in nastran fluent if you have hypermesh version 13 or below. In case hypermesh version is 14 , you can try by exporting in nastran standard format. You can try doing this. It may resolve your problem.
  9. Thank you for your guidance. I have gone through the link you shared. One more problem I am facing regarding the formation of bl. I have given the bl details in fluid domain only but I am getting in the solid also. Please check the attachment for ref. I also checked my surface mesh allocation to fluid domain. It is also rightly organised. In the pic blue colour is fluid domain and pink is solid. In another pic please find the details for bl filled for fluid domain. please suggest the possible cause of this error.
  10. Hello, I have a query regarding the algorithms followed to form 2d surface mesh. In the help file it is mentioned as advancing front algorithm and sub mapping algorithm, but how these work is not explained . Can anyone share or describe the process.
  11. Hello, I have a query regarding the generation of core mesh in hypermesh cfd. Why it is necessary to have only tetra core meshing? Is it the requirement for hypermesh or in others also for cfd core must have tetras.
  12. Hello, I have a query regarding the generation of core mesh in hypermesh cfd. Why it is necessary to have only tetra core meshing? Is it the requirement for hypermesh or in others also for cfd core must have tetras.
  13. Hello, I am analysing coolant flow in a cold plate. I have created 3 volumes namely 1. Fluid volume 2. Volume for cold plate so that in acusolve I will assign it a material 3. Heat source I have applied boundary condition and applied material to volume 2 and fluid properties to volume 1. but I am getting error in final processing. please refer the attachment for the error file and the cold plate design for reference(blue colour is heat source)
  14. hello all, Warm greetings. I am stuck up with the problem combining both the use of a blower and radiation enclosure together. I have studied fan component tutorial and radiation enclosure tutorial separately . But when I tried to use both within a analysis it is giving "Run time error" message. Please suggest the possible solution. Regards, Tutulika
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