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  1. I need to export some animations of each modal modes of my results to insert in a power point file. As far as i know there is only the possibility to create a .mp4 file but this is not so efficient to reproduce in my presentation. I thought about something like a .gif file like in Hyperview. Is there a way to do that? Thank you
  2. I s there any possibility to insert and use the dynamic stiffness in Simsolid (for bushing elements)? I can't find anything about it, just the static stiffness. Moreover, I've tryied to apply a force vs frequency. I need to have a velocity (m/s vs Hz) instead of a simple displacement. Is it possible to obtain this type of output, without any further calculation with other software?
  3. Is there a way to set and change manually, the Spectral Lines value ? For example if i want to have a spectral lines = N/10?
  4. Hi all! Sorry to update the thread but i have the same problem of florian_lw. I am not able to delete these orphane nodes in hypermesh. Where can i set the variable values, as explained by Prakash Pagadala? Thanks for the help.
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