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  1. Hello, I have quite the same problem, using Base excitation (Simsolid latest release 2019.4.1). Just considering a simple input (constant acceleration 1m/sec^2) I can't obtain the same results between FEM analysis and Simsolid. Simsolid seems to convert and use the input acceleration in the wrong way respect to traditional FEM. Does anyone have already check the right correlation between Simsolid and FEM results in frf acceleration vs freq analysis (Base excitation)?
  2. I need to export some animations of each modal modes of my results to insert in a power point file. As far as i know there is only the possibility to create a .mp4 file but this is not so efficient to reproduce in my presentation. I thought about something like a .gif file like in Hyperview. Is there a way to do that? Thank you
  3. I s there any possibility to insert and use the dynamic stiffness in Simsolid (for bushing elements)? I can't find anything about it, just the static stiffness. Moreover, I've tryied to apply a force vs frequency. I need to have a velocity (m/s vs Hz) instead of a simple displacement. Is it possible to obtain this type of output, without any further calculation with other software?
  4. Is there a way to set and change manually, the Spectral Lines value ? For example if i want to have a spectral lines = N/10?
  5. Hi all! Sorry to update the thread but i have the same problem of florian_lw. I am not able to delete these orphane nodes in hypermesh. Where can i set the variable values, as explained by Prakash Pagadala? Thanks for the help.
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