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  1. Is it possible to export the densities of elements in the mesh after the shape is optimized, then import it into a new file in Optistruct so I can use the analysis tool on these elements in order to find the stress results? (Can I export the optimization result --> then analyze it?)
  2. Hi, I want to see the difference in the stress analysis results between: a shape that is being constrained by a mass and has minimum compliance VS a shape that has a minimum volume fraction and has a stress constraint (using the DTPL card to set it). When I choose the analysis option in optistruct I get the exact same analysis results for both shapes (even thought when I choose optimization option they turn out different). How can I get two different stress analysis results? Better question: Is it possible to optimize a shape and then run a stress analysis test on it?
  3. I used the stress constraint through the DPTL card as you mentioned. Thank you, it worked!!
  4. I was using the topology optimization (in Hyperworks v12.0). I was using minimum compliance and a constraint on volume fraction. It was successful. Now I want to include static stress as a constaint. Is it advisable to set the problem as: minimize volume fraction and have a constraint on stress? I know there is an option to set a stress constraint in the topology section>parameters. Or is it better to set the static stess constraint as a response/constraint in the optimization section? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, Is it possible in Optistruct to optimize a model and then afterwards analyze it for certain stresses? (run optimization and then run analysis on the optimized shape) I have created a shape with certain forces and stresses and optimized it successfully for minimum compliance & constrained volume, but I would like to analyze the optimized shape for stresses in several different locations of the shape.
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