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  1. I see, Can I full the imported mesh with conductor plate (PEC)? in other word is it enough to fo to every mesh triangle and change the face properties to conductor? regards
  2. Hi again Thank you Mr MvdM. Sorry my bad if I did not clear it. The assignment is to convert the mesh file to geometry file so it can be fabricated. Inn other word CADFeko does not let me to export the geometry file? because when I try to choose export--> geometry--- the list is shaded (not active) to choose for example parasolid (*.xt) geometry to export.
  3. Thank you for your reply, I have attached the .gbr file and .dxf as well. When you export the mesh to Gerber of DXF , have you clicked on simulated mesh or model mesh choice? regards Example_transmitarray.gbr Example_transmitarray.cfm
  4. Hi, Yes sure , the .cfx file is attached. Is there any such proper way to export the layout file (.gbr or .dxf) so the HFSS can recognize all the geometry and the copper? thanks Example_transmitarray.cfx
  5. Hi guys  I am designed a three layer transmitarray using Feko . I tried to export the layout files (.gbr or .dxf) files so that I can open the design in HFSS to check the three layers full wave behavior. The problem is that I could not succeed to do so even I unlinked the mesh line and mesh triangle edges and just kept the face of the copper. The Hfss does not recognize all the copper (there are couple of missed triangles) !!. Could any one help please ? thanks
  6. Hi guys I am designing a unit cell of a transmitarray antenna in a periodic structure condition. The unit cell consist of a perfect conductor plate on a thin dielectric substrate. If I want to choose the dielectric to be a foam with a unity relative permittivity (similar to free space) and assuming that it is a lossless foam. In this case , do I need to mesh the dielectric substrate either surface mesh of tetrahedral ? or no need because the dielectric behaves like free space. thanks
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