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  1. thank you @tinh Selection "by solid" is working after association of the nodes is done. Thank you, Bharath
  2. Hello everyone, I think this is a basic question, but I am unable to get it working. I am using Hyperworks 14. I have a block of solid hexagonal mesh and I am trying to add new components by selecting a subset of the elements. I am trying to work with the 'organize' panel option, but I had no success so far. To test it, I created a huge cube filled with hexahedral elements and a small rectangular surface within the cube. I was able to associate few of the nodes by doing 'Geometry ----- node edit ----- associate' and selecting the rectangular surface and small tolerance level. It shows that I have some of the nodes associated to the surface component. Now to select a subset of elements within the cube, I did 'tool ---- organize ----- collector ----- elements ------- by geometry ------ by surface.' It doesnt show any elements associated to this surface even though I have a few nodes associated to it. Could you please help me figure this issue? I checked other questions in the forum, but they dont help because I have a complex geometry to select elements for. Here is a small screenshot of what I am doing. I am following the directions from the help documentation below ('by geoms'): Thank you for all your attention, Bharath
  3. hi, could anyone help me understand what "couples of parts" mean in the intersection checking (checked through Quality>Check all solver contact interfaces)? thank you, Bharath
  4. Thanks Rahul. I'll try with hypercrash 14 if it is available and get back with you. I have one other small question, what does the "Couples of parts" represent (shown in the same line as intersections)?
  5. Please see the snapshot below from hypercrash: Even though there are two intersections being displayed, why does it calculate as only "one" ? (1 displayed under the "int")
  6. Thanks Rahul. I found this in the hypercrash manual: "Int" is actually the number of intersections in each part pair and not the number of elements. Thanks for the information. -Bharath.
  7. Hello All, I have a small question regarding Hypercrash. I am checking the intersections and penetrations in my model using the Quality menu – check tree selection and I get intersections between each part. Intersections between two parts are highlighted. What does number below “Int.” correspond to? Is it the number of intersections between the two parts or the number of elements intersecting? I also checked the model using “check all solver contact interfaces” under quality menu and I get a different result. Even though there are many elements intersecting between two parts in two different regions, it is being listed as only one intersection. I don’t seem to understand the difference between these two ways of checking the model intersections. Could you please provide me some light on understanding the difference between these two ways of checking the intersections in the model?
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