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  1. Thank you so much for a clear explanation. I want to have the optimal mesh in EDITFEKO because I want to export hundreds of meshed object (one per time frame) from Feko. I'm having the program to export the mesh in EDITFEKO but my solver cannot solve it because of the coincident points. If you know any method to fix the mesh from EDITFEKO even after exporting it out, please help me. Tuan Nguyen.
  2. I include a CAD and EDIT FEKO model with exactly the same object. Could you take a look at exported nas file to see the difference? In EDIT FEKO model the number of points is exactly three times the number of triangles, which means no points are repeated. Best regards, Tuan. ribcage_new.cfx test1.pre
  3. Aseim, I'm pretty sure that the mesh type and size are the same, as well as the dimension of the structure, which is why the numbers of the triangle are close ( 2158 vs 2352 ). About the union, in Edit FEKO I cannot union so that's why I think the problem comes from. Cad FEKO reports the number of the triangle, but the output NAS file have the points of each triangle if you want to reconstruct the mesh outside FEKO. Since there are about 2000 triangles, the number of point should be about 1000 like in Cad FEKO mesh, not about 7000 like in Edit FEKO mesh, unless Edit FEKO does not treat the structure as a union. So basically, my question is how to union in Edit FEKO. Thank you, Tuan Nguyen.
  4. Hi, I have a simple problem. I create a closed cylinder in Cadfeko, union and mesh it. However, when I try it in Editfeko, I create two ellipses and a cylinder and mesh it. The number of triangles in are close ( 2158 vs 2352 ) but the number of points are different (1000 vs 7000). I took the nas output file to draw the mesh and attached in the files below. Since the number of points in Editfeko is too big, I think there is a problem with it, maybe relating to the union. Can anyone explain to me this phenomenon ? editfeko.fig cadfeko.fig
  5. Thank you Mr Johan for a very helpful response. I'm able the apply your method to solve some advanced cases. However I cannot using the loop for the create different geometry setup. For example, I want to solve for near field at the surface of a sphere at three different positions. I tried to loop the TG or KU card but it did not work. So I think each EDIT FEKO file can solve for one geometry setup only. Could you confirm that ? Thanks again, Tuan Nguyen.
  6. Hi, I'm having a model where I have to import the field into that model at different frequencies, so each frequency I have to import a different file since FEKO cannot read multiple loop data file. So is there anyway to run multiple loops of EDIT FEKO (the whole file) ? I know that we can use batch mode in Matlab to run FEKO solver and change pre-defined parameters in a geometric model. Thank you, Tuan Nguyen,
  7. Dear Johan, Thank you for your response. I want to validate that concept by testing the Radar Cross Section by creating a spherical aperture field from the sphere of the first model then I request the far field of another object being illuminated by that aperture field. However the far field result cannot show the Radar Cross Section like when I request it with the plane wave and the sphere in the first model. Do you know why or maybe I misunderstand the concept ? Thank you, Tuan.
  8. Dear, I'm having an exercise which I want to illuminate a sphere by a plane wave and export the near field at the surface of the sphere. Then I want to import that near field in a separate model as a spherical aperture field to radiate to a horn antenna to receive the voltage. Right now I don't know if my approach is correct since Feko cannot import the current distribution on the sphere as the source. So I want to ask if the near field at the surface of the sphere is equivalent to the scattered field radiated from the sphere after being illuminated by the plane wave. I would appreciate if anyone can show me how to test it too. Thanks, Tuan.
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